Mass Shooting at Madden videogame tournament


Seems to have been a Madden gaming event in Jacksonville. Apparently it was streaming live to at the time - I won’t post the video up - but it isn’t hard to find online if you search. You can hear the gunman open up just as the stream cuts out.

Many confirmed dead, including the shooter. Still an active situation.

When will America just get a fecking grip on gun control and ditch its stupid 2nd amendment rights, you paranoid bunch of ****tards.

Fuuuuucking hell. There was a comment under one of the articles that you could see a laser dot show up on one of the players’ shirts just as the shooting starts so I clicked through and you absolutely can.

No gun problem in the USA though, abslutely not :roll_eyes:

Trump will probably say gamers need to buy bullet-proof keyboards from now on so they can defend themselves… :confounded:

One of the competitors has said the shooter was another competitor who lost:

The shooter was a gamer who was competing in the tournament and lost, according to Steven “Steveyj” Javaruski, one of the competitors.

From reddit:

There’s been a mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL at a Madden gaming tournament.

The tournament was an EA-sponsored qualifier for Madden Classic Live Finals. It was being hosted at the GLHF Bar in Jacksonville which shares the same door as Chicago Pizza.

  • There are multiple confirmed fatalities. At least 4 dead, with 15 or more injured.
  • The situation is still ongoing. DO NOT GO TO THE AREA if you are in Jacksonville.
  • Do not report on the activities of police if you are in the area. Don’t make them targets.
  • There is one suspect confirmed dead. Police are searching the area to confirm if there was a second shooter or not.

There is a stream of this on twitch. I didn’t watch it, I recommend you don’t either.

Reddit live thread.

Don’t forget that Trump organised a meeting about the dangers of video games earlier this year.

Would appear that the fatalities have been reduced to 2, with many more injured. Would seem to be the two guys who were on that video stream. So sad. :frowning:

Lots of rumours originally circulating that this was racially motivated… almost like some people wanted it to be… in fact, lots of pushing about his skin colour which is kinda disturbing that people are desperate to make a political point…

It seems that this was the result of someone losing a video game. That is almost incomprehenible. Which again brings up the question, why the fuck is someone allowed to walk around with a bloody gun. Videogames will get the blame…

Points a bit of a finger at how toxic the behavior of some people has become in gaming for me, though this is naturally the definition of an edge-case. While I don’t think this is a problem ‘with gaming’ specifically, rather than a problem with toxic behaviours in society, I do believe it shines a bit of a light on how this has become a pretty powerful sub-current in some of gaming culture. Assholes, screaming and swearing and spitting, exercising the full brunt of their internet anonymity to spew vile shit and behave like furious children.

The classic defense has been to point out that these people are just the unpleasant result of anonymity and it has no real world impact (though cases like streamer swatting and so on have been a grey area there), but a case like this raises some worrying questions about the direction in which it’s going. To me, at least.

Not to say that there aren’t the typical broader questions about gun control, emotion control and so on. I emphasize that this is a symptom of societal and human problems rather than a fundamental problem with games. Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to at least spare a few thoughts to the idea that this was apparently an angry gamer firing on competitors at a e-sports event. Perhaps it’s good if it raises some uncomfortable questions.

I’m not sure the wider American public are seeing the uncomfortable questions in or through these events any more.

As an outsider looking in (and acknowledging that I don’t have the perspective they do) I can’t understand how having dozens of shootings a year isn’t causing a proper response from across the political spectrum. Unless the American public have become desensitised to these events like many countries seemed to have become desensitised to the happenings in the middle east over the course of the two Gulf wars and Afghanistan?

Whenever someone from the UK or really anyone outside of the US chimes in on gun control there seems to always be the defensive response about how crime, espcially violent crime and murder, are still present in other countries who don’t have such access to guns - my first thought it always “Duh?”.

The UK especially draws out comments about the knife crime epidemic in London and how shootings still happen fairly regularly (there have been two within 5 miles of my house in the past 2 months for example) - OK, those things are true to varying degrees, but how many mass public shootings are there in the UK each year? Heck in the last 10 years? What about for any other country with stricter gun control?

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I’m not even sure how to react to such a tweet.

And so it begins. Out come the crazies.

Who even is this guy?

Ahhh the guy is an attention seeking troll it seems:


Not a gun control issue??


C’Thulu fuckin’ wept…


EA are also making a $1 Million fund available to the victims of the shooting.


Americans really annoying me at times!

haha - fuck sake. A country of gun-nuts and lawsuits. Surprised he’s not suing the gun manufacture too.