Metal Gear Survive

I don’t hate the look of this like I thought I might:


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I’m fairly confused about what is going on with this.

Jim Sterling, unsurprisingly, shits on it from a great height:

Then RPS talk about it in what feels like a fairly positive way - link

Right now, I don’t really know what I’m ultimately trying to do or why (beyond ‘survive’), but I’m having a compelling enough time that I don’t really mind. Noodling around slowly building weapons and upgrading my base either side of tackling missions that can suddenly and terrifyingly escalate from trying and failing to backstab a solitary zombie into finding that my sole way out now looks like this is keeping me happy. It’s a bit like a post-apocalyptic Hitman in some ways. I don’t believe I’d ever have guessed this was a Metal Gear game if I didn’t already know and it didn’t make that iconic BLOOP sound when I get spotted. It’d just be this hybrid stealth-survival game that felt fascinatingly peculiar from moment to moment. How it’ll shake out long term I just can’t say, but right now I’m definitely keen to find out.

But then they’ve run an article about “Metal Gear Survive’s scuzzy microtransactions: paid saveslots, cash for emotes and buy-a-boost” - thats right: They’re charging for save slots!

And talk up the real shitty bits, granted from a different writer’s perspective < Talking shit, same writer. Linkelage.

It LOOKS like trash but the really confused and mixed reviews coming out of sites I read and put some stock in is perplexing.

No buy from me I think.

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My jaw dropped when I saw what they were doing with micro transactions. I won’t be getting it but I suspect part of the reason for some of the positive aspects in reviews stems from the use of the fox engine in the game.
Now I just want to reinstall MGS:V

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