Metro Exodus E3 Gameplay trailer


Now time for bed.


I’m sorry, this is the Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines music, and it is now impossible for me to think of anything else when I hear it.

"Heather: While you were gone, I tapped my foot over three thousand times. I-I don’t know why I counted… huh.

Malkavian: Now we know how many foot taps it takes to make me appear. Wonderful."


touches self I am mildy interested by this video game touches self harder


Oh no I just jizzed my pants again.






At least their still honouring all the people who pre ordered it I was chatting with my plumber about epics store it should always have been more money to the game makers really


I saw that, honestly I couldn’t care less anymore. On PC its a silghtly different story then on consoles, all I have to do is to install another client. If that store profits me in the end, in giving a better share to the developer hence giving them more money for future projects, so be it.

Seriously, we already need Origin, Steam, Blizzard and Uplay installed, what difference does one more really make!


It’s a bold move on Deep Silver’s part and a little underhanded of Epic to poach a game that had already shifted some units on another platform.

I really didn’t think Epic were going to be able to make waves with this new platform, turns out Valve might have something to worry about after all.

It annoys me that I have to juggle platforms/accounts and end up with a chain of unreliable companies, but Steam continuing to be a monopoly just isn’t good for us as consumers.


Bring back the old days when you just installed a game and didn’t need anything else. Though auto updates are nice


God damn, totally forgot this was out tomorrow… Some review sites scoring high, but noting frustrating bugs… As I already have Far Cry New Dawn… I’ll wait a bit for this… But will be a must play for me.


Oooo forgot too. Same here. Is a must buy for me too but have other games on the go so will have to wait for a bit


I’m preloading when I come home. The Metro series is a must play for me, reminds me too much of Stalker. Very atmospheric sp mode mixed with some sort of post apocalyptic survival vibe!

Even the buggyness reminds me of Stalker :smiley:, I just hope it runs well without too much trouble…


Technical issues (performance spikes, crashes, bugs) can be frustrating

Via the Gamespot review… This was played on PC also. :crossed_fingers: they sort stuff like that out quickly.


A nu cheeki breeki iv damke!


I looked that up in the dictionary but even that only understood around 50% of your post!

Still, I think I get the basic idea :stuck_out_tongue:

So much for pre-loading … I hate that cdkey changed my original Steam key to EPIC store. I ordered it far before that was a thing.


Its a bit of dialogue the NPCs in STALKER say randomly, usually when you bump in to them around camp fires. I think its mostly a nonsense sentence or slang.


Haha; I didn’t play stalker in probably 5-8 years ?! I doubt I would have noticed it even then too


Want it, just can’t afford it right now :frowning: