Microsoft acquire studios

So… Announced last night were 5 studios…

Compulsion Games
Ninja Theory
Playground Games
Undead Labs

They have also created a new studio called “The Initiative” led by former Crystal Dynamics head of studio.

I’ve only really heard of Ninja theory and Undead labs, but it does seem like a nice collection of talent. It’s definitely a statement of intent! That’s a fair bit of money right there.

Lets hope they don’t do an EA!

Well fuck

I can’t help that I feel a bit sad about that.

In my time with the ZiiP Gamestore, Bethesda are the ONLY publisher that treated me with any respect. They gave me deals on initial low volumes which help me order larger volumes later. They gave me money to market their games (even though I was a tiny fish in a big pond) and they restricted their pricing across the field - even to large retailers like Tesco, Amazon and GAME so that the little guys weren’t undercut on launch.

Huge respect to them. Whilst the game studio will survive, I bet the marketing/sales teams won’t.


Side note -

In a separate post by Bethesda’s vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines, the newly-acquired company said it will still be publishing its own games – perhaps suggesting some of its games may still come to non-Microsoft systems.