"Middle Earth: Shadow of War’s loot boxes are no more"


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For those of you who are especially bothered about such business practices, Shadow of War no longer has loot boxes:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War‘s much-maligned loot boxes are gone for good, thanks to a major patch today. The blood-splattered Assassin’s Creed/Batman/Pokemon hybrid no longer crams orcs into chests to be sold for cash. If you want them to join your army now, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way; beating them up and forcing them to. The massive patch notes also include some game-changing tweaks. Below, my thoughts on some of the bigger changes.

But if I understand this correctly microtransactions are not gone completely:

The big thing for many here is that you can’t buy orcs at all, no matter how much Mirian (now sole currency of the game) you have. You can, however, buy Training Orders to upgrade and modify your existing orc horde. If you want to bring a favourite officer with you to a new region, you can spend some money to pack their bags and bring them with you.

I actually don’t know if they mean an in-game currency or real money since they didn’t use the term ‘real money’ - I’ll look in to it.

I’ve made absolutely no secret of my feelings towards most implementations of microtransactions, with the way Warner chose to monetise the game bothering me enough to not buy it after loving the first - that being said with this change I am now considering picking this up, at least once I’ve clarified what the above paragraph means exactly. Wallet voting in action.

Aside from this, there are also some other changes that those of you who have this and aren’t bothered about the Loot Crates might be interested in:

Shadow Wars, the overlong endgame segment of Shadow of War has been truncated, as the game now has a proper Endless mode for players who want to fight forever. Shadow Wars now rewards some special gear as you progress through it, and there’s even some new dialogue sequences on the way to that final ending.

Edit: *Something I didn’t highlight before is that the above microtransactiton is not the only one that remains, bolded below for emphasis.

Progression and levelling in general has been tweaked. The max level cap is now 80 for you (with a new Prestige Skill system, which I’m eager to dig into), and orcs can go as high as 85. *Money can also be spent to upgrade favourite-but-outgrown gear to your current level, and XP rewards for some activities have been increased.

The Nemesis system has seen a few nice additions too. Legendary orcs are now more commonly found, and your followers will occasionally bring you captured Worms to drain for intel, which is nice of them. Necromancer type enemies now have a chance to really flex their skills and raise themselves from the dead on the spot, which is just plain sassy.

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I believe mirian was just the in-game currency, if memory serves. So, everybody comfort your wallets, they might not feel quite as useful any more.

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Cheers for the clarification. The terms get a bit muddy when it comes to in game currency Vs real money. Looks like I might pick this up for over summer!