Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Finally ordered this for the PS4, down to 24 quid on Amazon. Arrives tomorrow. Shall report in when I get some time to play it.

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It’s bloody good fun.

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It’s really good fun… Till the final act if you want the “true ending” becomes a chore. But before then, it’s fucking great.

Got it yesterday after Amazon decide that they wanted to send it to Manchester depot for delivery 1st. Done the prologue and then just ran around killing things. Taken out loads of captains already, though 2 have escaped and leveled up.

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Have to say, really enjoying this game. Spend most of my time just running around capturing captains and making my army bigger. I have taken the 1st region (twice if you’ve played the game) How trying to get one as high as level as possible and move him on to my next region before trying to take it over.

@VirulentPip have you finished this? I’m on the defend your fort bits. Is that it? Do they just keep coming? Getting a little bored of them, can’t be arsed getting the for levels up any more, unless it leads some where.

Mate I got the first ending… Started defending and attacking bullshit. Got bored, googled the “true ending” ruined the game for me.

1st ending @VirulentPip ??

is that where you defeat Sauron and him and Celebrimbor join together stuck in the eye? IS there anything after that?

Errrrm. I’m not entirely sure… One major thing changes. Then it’s just attack/defend/attack/defend for like 10 stages each stage can have 4 atk/def In it… Left a complete sour taste in my memory of the game.

On stage 5 of the defences. Fuck that after finding out there was ten! Too much if grind for me. So watched the ending. And the DLC ending too. At least I now know how they will make a 3rd game.

Still not a bad game until the end.


I will always treasure the very self-serious, earnest fantasy intro with a good twenty minutes of pompous story, followed by the first time you inspect an enemy captain.

Press stick

Zoom in on vicious orc

Deep, imperious voice