Minecraft - Sky Factory 3

Remember Minecraft?

We had one hell of a server on it. Great stuff was made, Marksman’s stuff was destroyed, I had an underwater bond lair. It was great!

I discovered Sky Factory through Youtube. You basically have to rebuild the world using a single tree and a block of dirt.

To download it you need the Twitch Client (I KNOW - pain in the ass) and it will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

It’s pretty fun! MASSIVELY increases the scope and scale of Minecraft, and you basically end up custom making a whole new floating universe.

Anyone else interested in trying this? Seems like a nice counter to all the killing and maiming we tend to do :wink:

i could build a farm! again.

i miss my farm from when we tried that modpack (flux galaxy?).

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i had a great minecraft farm… stables too!!

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Damn that sign, it was all that stopped me from being inappropriate with a barn animal.

i’ve installed it, but if we were going to play together i’d suggest we arrange to play out the initial part or discuss how it’ll work?

So the hardest bit is definitely surviving building the tree and making a platform.

We’ll also need a dedi server to host it if possible

Luckily, I have made some progress on save that’s barely ten mins in, but gets us going. If we want to use that save to go for it we can ^^

apart from starting with the one tree, what all else is in the pack? does it have any specific aim?

The aim is to rebuild the world.

And it’s absolutely colossal. There’s a hell of a lot more functionality in there. Smelters, automated manufacturing, portals to a variety of dimensions, proper farming…It gets a bit mental.

so i suppose i’ve only really played survival; how do you survive when there’s no world to survive off? Is there a mod/mechanism that allows you to generate or travel to anything like a normal world for resource gathering?

i’m watching a video but the initial tree survival bit takes up most of the ones i’ve looked at so far.

So that tree is able to provide food via apples, wood, and saplings. Using those, you can rebuild the ENTIRE world. Basically there’s no 2nd law of Thermodynamics here - you use the wood to farm the saplings to farm the tree to get dirt which gets stone which leads to lava…

It barely makes any sense but its all Minecraft logic. And the chain of buildings just gets higher and higher…

You get to make monster spawns, farms etc as tyhe game goes on. There’s a checklist you track that goes from the “wooden age” to the “stone age”, “iron age” etc.

I’d be up for giving this a go :slight_smile:

I too have seen videos of it being played co-op on youtube, it gets crazy later on in the game as there are quite a few mods that are part of the pack if I remember correctly :slight_smile:

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I’d be up for it again. I play single player at the moment so it would be great to play with others and with a twist to the game. I will look at installing it when I get home (or wait for vred).


I ran a server up until a few weeks ago, had an average of 20 - 30players online each day: have some pics of spawn here:

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