Minecraft with ray tracing is tasty

@Ronin, have you tried Minecraft with your GFX card?

Full article:

Think I’ve found a legit reason to buy an RTX2080…


Seen a few things on this. It does look class


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You’ve got to think long-term. If he doesn’t buy an RTX 2080 now he’ll have to buy a 3080 when that comes out. Given current broad trends with the pound, it’s likely that the cost to British consumers of a 3080 will be relatively higher than the cost of a 2080 now, so frankly it’s economically illogical and possibly even irresponsible (if you subscribe to the notion that to act as an economically illogical actor is a net economic drain on the world’s financial system) not to buy a 2080 immediately.


But now there is also PCI-E 6 confirmed as being “on-track” for 2021… so something!?

I think I can probably run this and Quake, just :rofl:

Huh… how come Minecraft is no longer associated with my Mojang account?