Mini ITX build price question

got a question, I wanna sell my old mini ITX build and wasn’t sure about the price. What you guys belive would be fair:

S4 aluminium mini ITX chassis
intel 7600, cooled by Noctua NH-L12S
Gigabyte Z270 Gaming 5
16GB ram
500GB nvme drive, Samsung 960 I think
GTX 1060 6GB
comes with Win10 and the “power brick”

It is basically everything you need except monitor, mouse and keyboard.

my price idea: I thought around 600Euro would be fair?

I barely use it and I rather upgrade my current rig (relying on notebook right now, main rig is dead)

Well you’d definitely sell it at that price, you might also get a bit more than that.

Any other opinions?

I’ve honestly not looked at component prices in so long, I haven’t a clue!