Monster Hunter: World


Released tonight (9th August) - This latest offering from Capcom is looking like something a bit special, having received a 9.5/10 review from IGN. I’d personally never heard of this series before, maybe because it wasn’t released in the west apparently, and was on consoles. If you like your fantasy RPGs, this is probably on your Steam wishlist.

IGN Review:

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have it on PS4 it’s good fun but VERY grindy gotta kill alot of the same monster many times and the fights can last a LONG time.


Picked it up and so far its quite fun, another grindy game for my “gathering and level up” hitch. Very nice monster and enviroment design, weapon mechanics too.

The MP integration is abysmal compared to other PCs games. Just trying to play through the story with friends proves to be impossible due to some weird design decisions, normal stuff works however, partly. Free roaming in a mission only works if you use the SOS signal, and for some reason that doesn’t register with other people most of the time. Tried with Arthur (Damtrok) and we couldn’t get it working. A lack of a lobby function is also mind blowing for such a title, it would make it so much better.

Its not particularly well optimised and screams “controller needed”, some of it is a bit combersome with keyboard and mouse. I will try and adjust some key settings and see if that helps, otherwise I change over to controller too, but I’m really not too keen on that. Optimisation is somewhat lackluster, 4k 30-36fps with a 1080ti is a bit underwhelming, especially if you compare the graphical fidelity with other titles and there performance! It is still playable of course, 1440p works flawless with 60fps+ and they have some mind blowing enviroments!


So far so good. I like this type of grind: you gather materials by hunting so you see your progress toward the item quite clearly and you do not feel stuck that much if RNGsus is not with you.

The ramping difficulty is quite rewarding. The feeling is incredible when you finally slay the big bad monster that was taunting you before, after a long tiresome hunt!

However yay I do not get the multiplayer integration… I expected a way to team up with four friends easily and maybe a hub to find people online to do the same missions. You know, like Warframe hon hon hon. Both games have the same “multiplayer scale”: teams of four doing quests together but here it is way more painful to group.

I haven’t find yet a way to group easily with random people. Maybe it is obvious and I didn’t click the right thing. I expected a big tavern with hunters gathering and a public quest board. We are still early in the game, so maybe later?

Gameplay wise it is challenging but rewarding: lots of weapons with different gameplay, a deep crafting system to upgrade your weapons, the monsters hit like trucks so that when you finally get the attack patterns, etc, it feels great.


Taken from this Eurogamer Article

How to party up, join friends or create multiplayer games in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World’s multiplayer is a little convoluted, but there are a few easy ways to bypass the many menus.

How to play solo or play with friends

1) When you select your save data at the start, you are promoted with options for ‘Search an Online Session’, ‘Create an Online Session’ and ‘Squad Session Search’. This essentially allows you to find an session with random other players, a closed lobby (which a friend or Squad member has made), or start your own.

Whatever you choose, you’ll still load into Astera and can start whatever activity you like - but to keep it simple, select ‘Create an Online Session’, then go to the bottom and choose ‘Private Session’.

This creates a lobby, but with just you in it. This means you can play solo, but you can still invite friends directly.

2) To invite a friend, press pause to bring up the menu during a social space such as the Gathering Hall or Astera, then going over to the Communication tab, then Invite a Friend.

3) You are now in the same session. You won’t ‘see’ each other unless you are both in the Gathering Hall (you can go here from Astera) or are in the same Quest.

To start a Quest for a friend to join, go to the Quest board, then select whatever Quest you want. When you do, you’ll be given the option to put in the number of players, and a passcode. The latter is only relevant if you are in an open lobby and don’t want randoms joining you.

4) If you start the quest, you can ready up and start whenever you’re ready. Your friend, meanwhile, will see a notice on the screen saying you’ve started a quest. They must go to a Quest board, and instead of Post a New Quest, select Join a Quest, then Available Quests.

There’s more information in the article… I hope this helps :slight_smile: It’s been months since I’ve played on PS4 but we got to a point where it was quite seamless.


i was just about to link to that pip XD

Use squads ( the games guild system) and the squad location in the hub fairly easy


This is what we did, still you can’t invite people to story missions. It always tells you its not possible due to stupid cutscenes not watched, EVEN if you are at the same quest, why not watch it together? Then if you are using a SOS it never showed up in either of our quest log, even if we joined each others session before. We also got disconnected quite frequently.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it till now, but the social features in this game are terrible. They are complicated and basic stuff like chat is missing, no dedicated mic audio level to boost the signal either and thats the only way to comunicate. If there is a button for waypoints I still need to find it.

Didn’t know about the hub though, still same question. WHY is it so well hidden, will look for it when we play today. Are only people from your seesion in there or do you see everyone playing? Can I change gear in there? We tried staring using the guild system, still have to get more into it as it didn’t worked too well yet.

Compare this to Warframe for example, a game which isn’t perfect by any means BUT it has a chat with multiple channels, group chat function and dedicated microphone levels. To play with friends you just invite them to your squad (press the BIG plus sign at the top of your screen), or randoms from the chat, then vote for the mission, done. Otherwise you can also visit the big hubs, meet people there and invite them to your group.

The single fact there is a whole article to describe the “easy” procedure to play mp in this game should already tell you its not as obvious and easy as it could be.


one thing to note this si the monster hunters team first PC game. ( takes that as you will i think they did a good job)

Inregards to ingame chat options who uses that any more? discord, teamspeak have all be easier things to use or even steams built in stuff is good. The game was built for consoles so it’s going to be geared to that type of interactions. communication is dealt with a wheel menu ( been ages since i played can’t remember how to bring it up )

comparing this to warframe isn’t fair as they are two very different games may as well compare it to fifa and ask why i don’t have 11 players in my squad :stuck_out_tongue:

there are aticals for every thing theses days and it must be said when this game came out it had a cult following with it’s fans and World is the first mainstream multi platform release since the ps2 so yeah gonna be some articles explain the systems to newcomers to the series

Warframe also has similar articles


As I mentioned before Warframe isn’t pefect, of course there are multiple articles for it because its tutorial is garbadge. Funny enough there won’t be ANY guides for teaming up in that game, as its so easy to do. A basic well functioning and stable MP mode is such a stable for this kind of game.

You don’t like Warframe as an example, ok, even as for that aspect of the game its a perfect example (4 player coop with focus on PvE instance missions). Lets use Dauntless, it exactly does that. Full player server social hub where you can see everyone in their shiny gear, game chat and an easy way to team up. Hit the mission buttom and you get randoms in your group unless you run a private. Sure the game has other problems but thats not the point.

Finding new people to play with in this game, WITHOUT the need for steam, is kinda non existing. I need to add people via the community feature but I shouldn’t need to. This kinda thing already annoyed me in Destiny, MP based games with bad built in social features are not well designed. I tried multiple times to find other sessions to play with other people, but never anything shows up indicating that the underyling system is kinda fucked.

I use game chat all the time! Having an ingame chatroom increases the posibility for social interaction immensely without offloading it to another 3rd party tool. Not everyone has access to a TS or server

Do I think they did a good job with the port which took them almost 6 months MORE time? No I don’t think so. The network connection stability is subpar, the key layout while useable has some weird decissions which can be changed of course, and the performance isn’t too great either. Considering they used 6 more months for delivering the best “PC port” possible its a bit unsatisfying. This port is only average, it runs stable though but thats what I consider the standard.

I just think they could have done better with the time at hand. Still enjoy it though!


if a misunderstanding of the intended MP structure is how you want it go for it MH has been like this for years on the in other titles an ways been fine but it seems ‘PC’ has to have the best things all the time but what ever not like it matters either way enjoy it or don’t could care less


It doesn’t has anything to do with PC has to have the best. Just because something worked for years doesn’t mean it can’t be improved up on every now and then, on any platform, console included. I was just wondering why it seems to be a non issue for you guys, as it got me confused pretty quickly.

Maybe it works better on console, but right now on PC I can’t find any other game sessions, people aren’t joining mine and get error messages all the time. Sure, shrug it off as some PC elitist bullshit when the game itself clearly doesn’t work as intended and I can’t join a single game session without error message.

Its not a misunderstanding if the game itself refuses to work most of the time.


let me share my views after almost getting out of the tutorial after around 70h. This is of course an inside joke, as until you finished the main story you didn’t really encounter all the game mechanics.

In total my view didn’t change too much but slightly improved. Due to some updates the games matchmaking starts actually to work, I can join 10+ people seesions and also played a bunch of games lately with other people. This doesn’t mean I still find the “teaming up part” of the game a bit odd, or the social features a bit weird but once one gets used to it it actully works well.

If you don’t get one of the main error messages, they change all around a bit but boil down to “a hobbit cut your conncetion to our server please hit the button again.” I wouldn’t call the connection stable yet but compared to the first couple of days its a massive improvement. People even start to use the gathering/social hub which we discovered recently. Its basically what we where looking for last time but due to the conection issues on PC they are still underused.

The menus are still kinda weird on PC if you use mouse and keyboard, its better with controller though and I’m just too stupid to use that instead. The menus are defintely not the games strong suit but given the amount of fun I have its a small price to pay! I fine tuned my buttons a bit which helped!

What didn’t change is my addiciton to this game. Beside the glaring connection issues initially I racked up 70h of playtime mostly in the last 1.5 weeks. The combat mechanics are fantastic, each weapon has its own style and mechanics. Changing weapons really changes the pacing.

My first weapon of choice was the great sword, a kind of oversized sword with charging attacks. It makes for a hit and run playtstyle. Later on I used the long sword which charges a meter over time increasing your damage along the whole fight, with the meter being some sort of ressource. Or the dual swords, super quick jumping attacks, the bow with charge attacks and so on. Everytime you need to re-learn your approach, with each weapon type for each monster.

The monster design is simply brilliant, one look at it and you can grasp what it might do. The enviroments are still stunning, especially if you traverse it with ease and use of your grappling hook. Everywhere ist stuff to find and figure out! Maybe some crazy stuff is happening, like a certain T-rex picking a fight with the stupid oversized chicken you were tracking. Not a single fight feels the same, unless you fine tune your approach so much and try to control the enemy to some masterful degree.

Even if you loose a fight to the monster of choice it mostly feels fair. Sometimes you might question it though, maybe because that jump was a bit too far for your liking, or it charged like 4 times back and forth… and then you rage at your screen and want to punch it in the floor with your massive oversized sword… .

Sorry, I lost track. These events are however scarce. You will hit your head against it over and over again anyway just to get that fancy new armor or weapon you saw the other guy carrying. Once you learned its movement you will master fighting it and it will feel amazing.

Conclusion: a true masterpiece of a game, a massive timesink BUT with some really odd choices which kinda add to its charm!(?) Maybe watch Super Bunny Hops review, he describes perfectly what “odd choices” I mean.

Please excuse me now, I need to sleep so I can punish that Elder dragon tomorrow! Even got a new weapon, should make skinning him alive much easier after he refused so today…


If you wanted to jump into Monster Hunter but weren/t sure if its your cup of tea, there is a trial version available now. From December 11th 4pm until December 17th I believe!

Its only available for the consoles though!

Beside that they also announced a new expension which probably introcudes G rank and other systems. Kinda excited, as I really like the game beside its weird “features”, but the PC release is probably far off. Console release is next year in autumn.