This looks interesting!

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Oooh released in 5 hours on Steam.

Colour me interested.

*penis perks up

I might enjoy this

This was kickstartered initially, hence no price on launch.

*only multiplayer

*penis de-perks

There is a co-op mode where you fight waves of AI enemies.

Getting decent reviews on Steam.

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I can confirm members of the horde can be killed using suicidal-castle-wall-jumping-superman-punches to the head. And that my forearms do not effectively parry swords.

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I saw you had bought this. I have been hovering over the buy button for a while now.

Shall I?

(Whatever answer you give will bind you into a “responsibility contract” with my happiness)

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Oh No! I need more information. How much did you enjoy Chivalry, or maybe Mount and Blade (the combat has some similarities)?

I’m terrible, but i enjoy it for the moments when bloody and knackered you manage to pull off a parry of what should be a killing blow and then lop the guys head off.

My main issue so far is you seem to have to parry exceptionally late compared with when/where the enemy is striking from. I want to parry when they’ve committed to an attack but always parry too early when i do. It feels weird but i think i just need to adjust. or get a shield. I’m playing horde mode to acclimatise, but you start unarmed as do the horde so there has been a lot of punching.

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Will get this on payday

Haven’t played any medieval melee type games.

Looks fun though.

it’s a lot of fun. There are a bunch of pre-configured classes, but there’s a points system to pick your own and balance out your armour/weapons/perks.

I’m mostly playing as an archer, learning the maps, and grabbing a melee weapon and parrying myself to death when i’m out of arrows and not near an ammo crate. I carry a pavise on my back which i can stick in the ground and crouch behind, and a short sword for emergency stabbing attempts.

Group melee is horrendously chaotic, with a ton of friendly fire damage (there’s a perk to deal/receive 50% friendly damage), and you need clearance to swing your weapons or they’ll catch on scenery and furniture, and weapons are suitably deadly.

getting better at parrying. rispote not so much.


they patched today. there was an issue with the patch and they rolled out a hotfix.

at the same time, when you load the game after the patch you get a popup asking if you were affected by issues during launch and if so would you like 10,000 in-game currency (for cosmetics). I said yes because i was doing really well in a round when they took the servers down for the hotfix. Now i will spend it all on the most ridiculous looking hat.

And why not.

Fuck it. Bought.


Terrible. Refund requested.



So going to make you a website.



Still loving this. Sorry you didn’t get on with it N0tch :confused:

It reminds me of chivalry, with a bit of CS (the red vs blue, kill feed, and utter chaos).

The most ridiculous looking hat is too expensive :frowning:

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I got it recently.

Loved it. Pure fun, pure carnage on frontlines, and the combat system is surprisingly deep.

However you can happily ignore it and go nuts with a hammer.


Have you not read my review?