Any one heard of this? It sounds a lot like Tower Of Guns (which got quite boring quite quickly for me).

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Mothergunship is about big, stupid, hand-crafted guns and exploding robots. Successor to Terrible Posture Games’ Tower of Guns and co-developed by Czech studio Grip Digital. It’s a roguelike-ish “Bullet Hell” FPS about raiding procedurally generated alien spaceships, hoarding gun-barrels and bolting them onto your remarkably agile power armour. A denser game than its predecessor, its complex systems are dressed up in breezy, comedic style, but its many turning gears grind against each other far too often.

Alien robots have invaded, so you need to board their spaceships and shoot things until you find a big red self destruct button to make them stop. There’s some scattershot jokes from a small cast of chatty talking heads, and the occasional boss fight, but Mothergunship is mostly about its custom-built guns, with which you’ll shoot many turrets and flying robots. You bolt together connectors (purely structural), gun barrels (things wot go bang) and end-caps (stat modifiers) until you’ve found a balance of shootiness and energy consumption.

Sounds like it has some rough edges to soften out:

As it stands now, Mothergunship has a lot of likeable elements that sometimes mesh into an excellent whole, but just as often bump awkwardly against each other. There’s nothing fundamentally broken about the concept or individual parts, though. With a little luck and a following wind, I can see this one clicking together after some updates, but it’s not quite there yet.

It has a Demo on the Steam page for anyone interested:

Mothergunship is out now on Windows for £19.99/$24.99/24.99€, via Steam and Humble. You can try out its gun-crafting system for yourself in this demo.