Moving Win 10 to new drive

Any ideas tips? Tricks for doing this?

I will be moving a Win 7 Personal OEM key which I updated to Win 10 back in the day. When I build the new peecee will have a new drive to host OS. I saw some guide about enter commands in Cli to remove keys. But that seems a tad messy this day in age? Can I just uninstall it? The reinstall it? Also will I have to go through the win 7 install and update route? No clue.

Instructions for cloning the drive:

If you are changing hardware such as mobo etc you should uninstall any drivers associated with the old stuff before the hardware replacement. Windows 10 will check your HW so it can be luck of the draw if it will activate the copy you have.

Fresh install. You can still activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7 key, did it an hour ago for a student.

I’d be along the lines of a fresh install too. Moving windows 10 isn’t great.


Deffo fresh install.

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So can I just install Windows 10. But use my Windows 7 key?. I don’t have to go down the install win7 update route?

Do I need to deregister it with current system somehow as well?

Completely clean install, avoid upgrade entirely as thats an entirely separate minefield.

Win7 key doesn’t have any digital management on it, unlike W8/8.1/10 keys, so there is nothing to stop it being used again and again.

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