My 4K Film Collection

Here’s my list of current 4K Films and a short review (Expect rambles of nonsense) of the ones I have watched.

Hmm seems I really need to get on with watching these!

TV - Samsung KS7000 49"
4K Player - Samsung K8500
Sound System - Samsung HW-K550 Wireless Soundbar with Centre Speaker with Rear Surround Speakers

One thing I will put here is that the sound quality on these 4K films is absolutely incredible, I really wish I had a Dolby Atmos sound system!

What is HDR? - High Dynamic Range
What is WCG? - Wide Colour Gamut

  • Batman Vs Superman Extended Cut

  • Chappie

  • Deadpool - I watched this before I purchased my proper “UHD-Premium Certified” TV and was on the Xbox One S, however there were moments of awesomeness, depth in the scenes, the red of Deadpools suit were nice and dark with a proper leathery look. (I need to re-watch this)

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 - :open_mouth: WOW WOW WOW! This film was clearly made with HDR+WCG in mind! Just WOW! I am so fugging glad I waited to watch this for the first time in the best possible way! Just WOW! Can you tell that I enjoyed it :laughing:

  • Independence Day

  • Independence Day: Resurgance

  • John Wick

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service - (Also need to re-watch) However, the church seen just WOW, the clarity and sense of looking in on it through a window was awesome.

  • Logan

  • Lone Survivor - When people think HDR they think only films with bright awesome CGI will benefit. So so wrong, (I was also one of these people) The 4K format for Lone Survivor adds an extra level of realism! Explosions, gun fire, cuts, bruises, for such a harrowing film as it is the resolution boost added with HDR and WCG, it makes it a hard watch, but you appreciate the film even more.

  • Oblivion

  • Pacific Rim - Okay so WOW. This one has those awesome CGI I admit, but I meant not only those films benefit :stuck_out_tongue: From the dark metal details of the mechs to the bright sparks of metal on metal fights, this is one hell of an orgasm for the eyeballs!!!

  • Sicario - Another that benefits from the layer of realism, no fancy CGI. It’s generally a dark and drab film, but one that has ridiculous depths of detail!

  • Star Trek

  • Star Trek: Into Darkness

  • Star Trek: Beyond

  • The Martian - Mars has never looked so real, It really was like I could jump through my TV onto a different world; although some parts were no where near as impressive as others, maybe it was the way the CGI was used.

  • The Maze Runner - A definite improvement over the standard Blu Ray, high details of the Maze especially in the night scenes.

  • The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials - Night scenes in the city looked as great and the sun beaming sandy dunes.

  • The Shallows - I had heard good things about this 4K presentation! Wow did it impress me, holy hell! The sun, the sea, the sand, the immense detail of Blake Lively’s skin :eyes:! The twilight section of the film was absolutely incredible!

  • The Revenant - (WHY HAVEN’T I WATCHED THIS YET) I really need to, this has been hailed as one of the BEST 4K presentations ever with reference quality visuals.

  • Warcraft The Beginning - Now this was an odd one, I feel it wasn’t really much of an improvement over the Blu Ray, however it also was. I’m kind of torn! The magic was incredibly vibrant, but I think the amount of CGI in the film hindered the HDR and WCG, I dunno I’m no professional haha.


Nice! - 4K will be a future investment at some point for us. We’ve got hundreds of regular DVDs though… how well do they upscale to 4K?

Also need a get a soundbar too. Our speakers are nearly shot… as we found out whilst watching the last episode of GoT S7. Recommend that you have?

Buying into TV’s at the moment is a bit of a nightmare! It’s no longer about mainly just size and brand… You’ve got levels of peak HDR brightness to think about 500nits,1000 nits, 2500nits etc; the type of HDR supported ( HDR10 - Industry standard, Dolby Vision- Dynamic HDR, HLG - Broadcast HDR) < All of those in one would be great although Samsung are working on bringing HDR10+ (Dynamic HDR) Each scene is treated itself, rather than right now the metadata is from the film as a whole (Overall dark film means bright parts won’t be as good, and vice versa)

As far as the soundbar goes, the one I have is fantastic bang for buck (those Dolby Atmos ones are a bit too pricey) the added rear speakers are wired, but only to the wireless base. You can sometimes hear a slight hiss from them if you’re watching something with no surround, but nothing too serious, if anything just toggle them off via the soundbar :slight_smile: Using it is a piece of cake if your TV has ARC (Audio-Return Channel) that way everything plugged into the TV will come out of it.

I realise now that I’m answering one of your first questions last haha. I only own one DVD (Spaced Collection) However, I gave my older 4K TV (Non UHD-Premium Certified) to my mother, she’s been watching NCIS DVD’s via a 4K Upscale Blu Ray player and it does an incredible job :+1:

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Added in my reaction to Guardians :smiley:

if you don’t mind me asking how much did you TV cost?

Don’t mind at all mate, when I got it it was £800. The model has been replaced and the equivalent is now like £1200+ :frowning:

geeeez thats a pricey meataball

As far as “Budget” goes, this Hisense is probably the best I’ve seen.