My Beer52 Subscription

So I got a voucher to get first month free on a beer subscription service (£5 p&p). Thought why not. I like beer.

Arrived today - except they made a mistake… and sent 2 boxes! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

All the beer for just £5! :smiley: (and snacks… and a book)

I shall let you all know how good they taste

If you want to try it yourself for free - just pay postage:

Would I pay £24 a month for 8 beers on a regular basis? Probably not. But I’ll enjoy these…


I tried that. And cancelled, didn’t work out for me.
24 for 8 beers was too steep.

But I’m still contemplating something like this. Flavourly is the one I’m contemplating 20 beers for £36

Good score though with the extra box. The beer was really good mind
Had some nice Scandinavian ones in mine.


Some of those ‘Wild Beer Co’ beers are brilliant.

What a deal!


That Baltic porter doesn’t look bad either.

Tiny Rebel do some mega refreshing IPAs.

A bit of advice on that peanut butter one, don’t drink it after anything dark and drink it as cold as possible.


@Scottyboy - Just looking at Flavourly. Look to do some good deals. I’m going to be changing my drinking habits… Been drinking too much rubbish recently. Going to drink less regularly , but drink quality.

@vredesbyrd - Yeah, was a bit “hmmmm” at the idea of a peanut beer. Thanks for the headsup. I’ll get it chilled.

The Baltic Porter is a nice 7.0% - so should have some nice depth. Looking forward to it as I like a nice Porter.


I fucking hate IPA’s. I think I’ve had 3, maybe 4 that I’ve actually enjoyed.

Weißbier, porter, stout, they’re fine. IPA generally taste too acidic and leave a fucking horrible aftertaste.

It’s a nice idea in terms of expanding your horizon, but there are so many new beers out there that are just utter garbage.

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Its all about DIPA/Double IPAs.

Tasty, fruity and strong as fuck.

Absolute favourite is the Cloudwater DIPA. Blows my balls off.

Coors, that is all


You should so setup a beer subscription service… and every month they just get 12 bottles of Coors. For £50.

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Giving it a go, options in the supermarket are dire, as said supermarket is in the middle of a student accommodation town.

That wildbeer millionaire is probably one of the nicest beers I’ve every had. I’ve had chocolate beer before that was nothing like chocolate… but this was dark and velvety smooth. I mean super smooth. Like drinking chocolate. Nice


I hate IPAs the first third is typically nice after that I can’t stand it. Very few exceptions.

I typically got a few good beers in Korea every so often for special occasion. Its hard to get anything remotely good but the local large shop had a rolling import beer lineup. One of the best beers I had was a Russian Imperial Stout. Lovely beer. Very strong at around 15% but very drinkable, went down really well. I think it was called Old Rasputin. They had a few other good ones too but I can’t remember them.

In Italy I just get whatever can get my hands on. I stopped giving a shit as most stuff here is drinkable. Every so often I sneak in a good bottle if I can get one. Super tiny town, not much options.

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Elica is appreciating the IPAs :joy:


atta gurl :heart_eyes:



All this IPA hate makes me want to take you guys and get you hammered on whats to offer in Manc.

I HATED IPAs until I branched out a bit. I still dislike a lot of them because they just use the wrong hops. If they use citrus-tasting hops its all good.

DIPA is the real way to drink IPAs. I haven’t had a DIPA I haven’t enjoyed.

Couple of different ones for you wondetful lot to look out for:

  • Yellow Belly (Buxton+Omnipollo)
  • Yellow Belly Sundae (Buxton+Omnipollo, rare than a pope shitting in the woods)
  • Left Hand Milk Stout
  • Gulden Draak
  • Gulden Draak 9000
  • Cloud Water DIPA
  • Literally any non-sour large bottle Cloud Water release but especially the Bourbon barrel and christmas cake ones
  • Magic Rock Cannon Ball and Inhuman Cannon Ball
  • Shindigger West Coast IPA
  • Marble Arch Lagonda

All tasty and strong as fuck.


I find your pallet has to adjust to an IPA. Like the first half pint can be hoppy, over zesty, or leave a poor aftertaste… But then it comes together and becomes easily drinkable.

That’s probably just me. Or it just tastes better when pissed.

The ones in the box have been quite nice. 330ml not enough though…


I dont drink beer… can i come along and have rum :joy::joy::joy:

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You tried that with Jonny & myself & we almost broke you, REMEMBER??? :crazy_face: :nauseated_face: :poop:

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There is apparently a rum bar, and I know a few spots that have the good stuff (Diplomatico/Plantation)!

hahaha that night is forever immortalised on our picture wall, since I can’t remember shit I need the pictures!

Just trying it now. Interesting. Initially it just like a normal stout, but then the peanuttiness appears as an aftertaste.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. It kind of has a sensation of if you were speaking to someone who had been eating Peanut Butter and you just caught a whiff of their breath…

It’s drinkable, and not unpleasant - but I wouldn’t drink a lot of it.

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Yeah agreed. Its an interesting one to have once but not something I’d go ordering/buying again.

I generally like those kinds of - not my name for it - ‘diabeetus stouts’, formally known as ‘desert stouts’. Omnipollo do some of the best, the Yellow belly one I listed above is a collaboration between Omnipollo and Buxton!