My best PC Laptop choice... Is a Macbook?

(Sorry that the title sounds like Linus Techtips Click bait)

So, I have decided to abandon the world of Apple (ish). My Ryzen PC kicks ass and where as for the past few years I have done everything on Mac… I’m now finding myself doing more and more in a PC environment.

I’m sure @NaloaC, @n0tch and @vredesbyrd will be relieved.

So I had a dilemma. I still need a laptop, although it won’t be a workhorse for anything anymore. I like having a QHD screen (I’m a bit spoilt with Retina display and my 32" QHD monitor) - 1080P just looks huge now, like what 1024x768 used to.

So what to do? I could sell my MBP - get about £400-500 for it… and invest in a new laptop. But to get something on par with the MBP screen wise, I’d have to folk out over a grand. Maybe even £1500.

So then I thought - Why not just install Windows 10 on it? It’s a decent i5 chip, it’s got 8GB Ram and an M.2 SSD why not?

As it turns out, there is an option out the box - that I was aware of, but I always thought was a VM over MacOS. Turns out it’s not - it actually properly dual-boots Windows and can access all the resources. This is a program called Bootcamp.

Installed it today. Did a clean MacOS install, then a clean Win10 install. Works like a dream - and the best thing is, I get a silly resolution of 2560x1600

Now, my i5 is only dual-core (4 thread) - but for most things, that’s fine. I have my Ryzen for multi-thread work. My HDD space is limited, so I’ll be buying an upgraded drive when I can. But this is sweet.

So for the money, if you were looking for a sweet laptop with a high res screen - a 2nd hand 2015 MBP is actually a pretty sensible option. Additionally, if I do still need to jump in MacOS, it is still there.


if you run vmware fusion, you can boot your bootcamp partition as a VM too if you’re too lazy to reboot. I suspect parallels and others must offer the same.

Ahh Jes you have gone for the reasonable option. I like it!

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I think if I was running 16GB RAM, that’d be an option - I presume running a VM would have an overhead.