My calendar is telling me


That is @n0tch birthday! Enjoy the beers later good sir!



Happy Birthday n0tchicles!

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Happy b-day Notchi

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Hap burf n0tchyp00. Have a few good ones later :slight_smile:

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Merry day of birth!

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Merry birthday to you sir!

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Happy Birthday n0tch - have a fantastic one :slight_smile:

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Another year another notch on the wheel of life :grin: happy birthday owner of the smallest towel known to decency



Happy Level-Up Day dude! Have a good one :slight_smile:

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GO ON N0tch!

Best you be drunk already :smiley: :wink:

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There was nothing decent about it!

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Cheers chaps :grinning:



Happy birthday Notch!!

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Happy Birthday @n0tch May the beers, wine and Whisky be plentiful.

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Well a glorious mid-week Happy Birthday to you!

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Happy birthday fella! Hope the head isn’t too sore tomorrow! :smiley:

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Happy birthday bud, hope you’ve had a good’un

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Happy Birthday!

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Belated happy birthday! I hope you’re not too worse for wear

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