My Experience with Shadow PC


Thought best to create a new thread documenting my experience with Shadow.

I’ll start with a picture of my Samsung Note 10.1 (2014) tablet running Shadow :slight_smile:


We are now affiliated with Shadow. Which is nice.


Click that link if you are thinking of signing up!


Their new website went live yesterday :+1:

And if you do want to check it out you could always use my referral code for £10 off the first month.



Trying out Resident Evil Revelations that Vred ever so kindly gave me. This is via the NVIDIA Shield TV Shadow App. It’s an old game so I’m not particularly looking for graphical ability, this is a latency test.

So far while using the NVIDIA controller, there seems to be no more input lag than playing locally, literally just turned on Game Mode on my TV and it’s even better.


So how the “Beyond” app works is that you install it on the Shadow PC and it should automatically find games installed (however it’s in beta atm) then shows them to load without having to go into the actual launchers etc via windows. Or you can load into windows with the red button. Looks like this on my phone so you get the gist.

Oh and it’s a quick way to view other files via the app

Edit - won’t let me post again…

Woot woot! The Nvidia shield is still sending out audio via the USB to my dac while Shadow is running, allowing me to enjoy the amazingness of my Sennheiser HD600s…

However, I’m still playing Resi and starting to regret putting the headphones on.

Second edit –

Today was “Shadow World” in France, a press event marking one year since sales started… Here’s some highlights in picture form…

SW%201 SW%202 SW%203 SW%204 SW%205 SW%206

Yup that’s right triple display coming soon… That also means… One Monitor, a tablet and phone at the same time for various tasks if a steamer for example.

Also here’s a CNET article on the “Shadow Hive”