My Friend Pedro!

Holy shit tits! So muuuch FUN!!! Play it right now! DOOO IIT


Looks awesome!!

The ending is great. Lovely game to dumb some time into!

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Just been added to gamepass i think


Btw. if you get good at the game you can pull of some crazy shit. Especially if you replay some levels. It is a wet dream for speed runners, or people with actual skill :smiley: .

Wanna get some good old highscore chasing competition going? I’m up for it!

Oh shit, you’re right! Awesome :smiley:

I suck at it :joy:

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We can suck both then :smiley:

Won’t lie, when I watched your video I was thinking 'pfffft, I could eaaasillyy do better.

Finally got around to downloading it off game pass. I’m now thinking ‘pffft, I can eaaasillyy work out how to turn off the slow motion when everybody’s dead’


Which game pass?

I think it was on the Humble store page as well.

Xbox Game Pass for PC — £1 for 3 months of Ultimate…

You can then if have an xbox claim 3 months of Discord Nitro which then gives you 2 more months of Game Pass Ultimate. (I don’t have an xbox, so contacted Microsoft support and they sent codes to the Xbox Beta App on PC week or so later)

I have that pass! Yaaay.

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