My old PC bits


My old PC is taking up space and i wanna bin it but i thought it would be an good idea to see if any one wants the GFX card ( EVGA GTX 560TI) or the PSU corsair 650ti i know they are old hat but you never know right.

If ya want any of it lemme know there is a Motherboard and CPU to but no idea what they are.


I’d certainly take that 560Ti off you mate if you’re just going to bin it?

I’ll send you your t-shirt in return :wink:


i can’t be certain it works mind i was having issues with the system shutting down randomly before i replaced it

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How much you want for the PSU matey?


maby £30 if that seens right i donno, but like i said i was having issues with the PC randomly shutting down with no prompt or determinable reason so i can’t guarantee it’s 100% working :S

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Ah, I was looking to change out an older GPU here which is borked to get a media PC up and running again.

Thanks for the shout though fella. I’ll still hold onto your T-shirt though. Some day we’ll get it to you! :smiley: