Naked Wines (Subscription wines) review

So on the back of my Beer52 order, I got a voucher for Naked Wines - This wasn’t free, but was a good deal.

Naked Wines aren’t just a wholesalers, they work with vineyards and provide angel funding to help them develop their wines. You pay £20 a month as an ‘Angel’ and then you get 33% off boxes of wine. Great if you like wine. I like wine.

So ordered a box. So what is it like?

Piss. These aren’t £10-12 bottles of wine. They are £3-£4 bottles at best. No different if you went to the supermarket and just picked up a couple of cheap bottles.

Necked a bottle of white last night. Christian Patat Pecorino 'Terre Di Chieiti Igt" 2019 Biano - But to be honest, it doesn’t matter what the fuck its called because all the wines are exclusive to Naked wines - so you can’t research them or look for reviews… the only reviews are on the Naked Wines website. Hmmm.

Anyhow. Bland, crisp and acidity. Drinkable but not memorable.

This afternoon, cracked open what should be the nicest wine out of the 12 - Castillo Catadau Gran Reserva 2013 from Spain made with Tempranillo grapes. Again, drinkable. No where near the depth of a good (or even a bad) Roija. Pretty smooth, not unpleasant. Again - Not a £10+ bottle of wine. Ever.


I had read similar reviews tbh. I think I got he same voucher when I got my Beer52 pack and decided against trying it. I am tempted with a wine club. Used to be a member of Laithwaites many many moons ago.

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