Naughty apps reading your clipboard

So basically, Tik Tok and 53 other iOS apps (but lets be honest, this’ll effect android too) have been capturing the contents of your clipboard and using it to… well. Who knows?

This is pretty horrendous. You presume that your clipboard is safe and localised. All sorts of information could be harvested from it.

A lot of these apps are related back to China - but others aren’t. India has permanently banned a vast amount of Chinese apps amid worsening border tensions.

Really makes you reconsider what you put on your phone. Actually, fuck it - where’s my Nokia 6510?

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Well there is a reasong I’m only using my phone as a phone…


What you on about? Thats probably a feature!

Just one Google haven’t told us about and only share with the CIA.

Cough cough

The funniest part about this and Android is that on a handful of the Android distros/skins/versions, you can’t even see what is in your clipboard beyond the first item but the clipboard does store multiple items. You have to install a third party app to see exactly what is being held in there (Some versions do have a feature to show you this though).