NBA 2K18 - WTF is this ****?

Frankly, I don’t really give 2 hoops about Basketball, and certainly not a game of it.
I’m more surprised that I saw this:

I mean, I get in-game content and cards and stuff. But £109 for a friggin video game for just digital content. Really? That’s some expense crack that 2K are buying with your money and smokin’.

Just decided to quickly looked up the new FIFA (18) game… and that’s pushing £90 RRP - I’m sorry, paying that for a video game is sickening.

My guess is, those expensive ones are marketed towards those that buy packs for Ultimate Team, My Team etc. Buying the edition with included works out cheaper than buying the packs post launch. Crazy I know, but there’s A LOT of people who buy these haha.

Has the new assassins creed not got a version of the game that’s like a few hundred quid too?

Scary how the price of games is on the rise. Long gone are the days if getting a triple a game on the pc for 30 quid or or less.

It does, however it also comes with a mahoosive statue.