Nearly 500 quid off an ssd!

not as fast as an M2 drive, but you could argue (and probably should) that it’s intended for bulk storage.

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Surely you’ll need 5 to RAID them?

minimum of 3 for a raid 5 array, though you’re right, 5 (4 active, 1 hot spare) would probably be the sweet spot.

best legit offer i’ve seen is a 1TB for 205 from amazon (mx300), but it’s the same range i paid 105 for a 750GB one, so i think i’ll keep holding off and pray nothing fails for now.

15TB drive… I’d be able to load my entire Steam library on it.
…and still not play all the games I own lol.

How long would a 15TB drive take to rebuild?


less time than shipping a replacement and re-downloading/restoring from backup no doubt.

it’s roughly a day to rebuild mine, though it’s both mechanical drives and speed limited so i can still get the necessary read speeds to use it while rebuilding.

Ordered two. How could I not at a nearly £1000 saving?!

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agreed, that’s basically the same as just being given a grand.

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I wonder how many more they’d sell if they just said “Buy 2, get a free Nvidia 1080TI”…

if you’re buying 2 of them i assume you already have multiple titans, but i suppose you could throw the 1080Ti in an htpc, or stick it in an old 2nd hand PC to give to an impoverished child.

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can i just have the grand with out spending any money then?

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