Need For Speed Heat

Ghost has done a great job with the new Need for Speed offering. Really gone back to the good old days of Underground. No cockpit view and no wheel support (Plays really well with an old Xbox 360 controller), but it actually doesn’t matter, this is pure arcade fun. You can customize your ride with a plethora of parts and you can even tune your exhaust overrun. I have started a ZiiP crew in case anyone else grabs it. Added recently to the Origin Access Premier.


At a loss as to how i’m supposed to progress? Done the starting tasks, and all the available races day and night, and next campaign item is Ana at rep level 7, i’m at 2. There is nothing to do :confused:

Just started playing this again last night, races are still seeming too easy - cop chases are not even remotely so.

However, now got the car I wanted from the start

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