Need help with RAM

Okay so I need to buy 4GB DDR4 ram. All I can see on the stick that came in the PC is: PC4-2666v-UC0-11

Task manager states its 2400Mhz, is there a reason why it says 2666 on the sticker?

I’ve found these - One Two

Will either of these be okay?

Cpuz will tell you what exactly you have pip


seconding Hammy’s suggestion. It might be a stick that can run at 2666 but is currently only running at 2400.

do you know your motherboard make/model?

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ram%20soec mainboard%20spec

You replacing or adding pip? If adding, I’d just try and get the same as what you have. Google the part number and see what you can get.

Looking to add another 4GB … Can’t find it to buy anywhere.

You can pick up 8gb for around 60 quid for ddr4 - 2666. Depending on your budget, you could just remove that and replace it with 8 GB of the same.

Yeah looks like I’m gonna have to do that. Would have preferred to just spend £30 for the extra 4GB. But I guess this way if I get an 8GB it’ll allow me to add another 8GB down the line if even needed.