Net-code Explained

For us that play R6S, there is nothing more annoying that high ping and some dodgy net-code. Its annoying and can ruin the game. PC gamer have a very good article explaining what makes net-code good or bad. Explained a few things for me that I thought I already knew but was completely wrong on. Def worth a read.


I’ve wondered about loading up Steam during a game and setting something downloading to see if I can modify my ping in a predictable way first of all and then see if I can use this in a reliable way to give me any kind of advantage.

Not because I want to cheat. My tinfoil hat theory is that people are running a simple app/script that is reliably and measurably altering their ping to exploit the difficulties R6’s netcode seems to have with ping disparity between players.

Not exactly the wildest or hardest theory to believe - I realise - but if I’m right then it would be effectively impossible for something like Battleye to pick it up because it wouldn’t need to ever interact directly with the game or it’s data. It would just sit running in the background.

Aside from monitoring players to identify this kind of behaviour in their connections, the only other way I can think of doing anything about that is the tried and tested ping limiter - but as we’ve theorised idly on TS, I reckon the number of R6 servers is limited enough to make this an unattractive option for the Devs.

Or I’m talking rubbish and know nothing, which is very possible.

There is a software you can download that can limit your downloads and uploads. Can’t remember what it was called. I would say that you could limit ports as well so that your ping is higher.

Crap netcode ruined Nidhogg for me.

I was balls in 100% ready to get into a competitive twitchy reaction based Vs thingy; But I tried a few rounds online and each expirience was the same laggy rubber-banding bullshit.

It’s a shame because local co-op looks super fun but that just ain’t really practical or convenient in deez tryin’ timez

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hahaha love the link