Netflix announce actor to play Geralt


Henry Cavill has been announced to play Geralt in the upcoming 8 part Netflix show.



Was just about to share the same. I have no idea how this could work, but he was great in that last Mission Impossible. Don’t think he’s right for the role though…



Just checked his Instagram account;

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Which could mean he’s perfect for it!

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At least he seems into it

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people said the same about him and superman and he’s great said the same about most actors who played batman. He’s a great actor plus this fan art



Oh for sure! He’s a fan of the franchise.



Mads Mikkelson would have been a great choice too…

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For a nerflix series based on a polish books series ( and the games) i didnt expect casting of that calibur.



If I’m honest, I’ve no fucking idea who he is.



Henry or Mads?

There’s going to be the onslaught of shitty internet rage about this, but fuck every single one of them. Cavil seems to be a huge Witcher fan-boi, so if he brings as much passion to playing the role as he makes it look like he has, I’m sure he’ll do an awesome job.

I’m mainly happy that it’s an 8-part series! At least that way they get to build some content and lore with it all.



Know he was in the new superman, but that really didnt interest me, same goes for justice league. However, he was in Immortals, and I did really enjoy that.

He does seem to love the game. Can go one of two ways this though. He’ll either throw himself head 1st into it and make it great, or fall out with the makers because they go away from the lore.

Agree with this, prefect length for this. See how it goes down with the fans, and can build lore/story for a second season. Big question is, will it follow the story of the witcher 3 or a new story?

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It’s following the books rather than the games.

Edit - Also the author is working with them as creative consultant.