"Netflix weighs up crackdown on password sharing"

“In other news, streaming and torrenting sites see sharp rise in traffic.”


“This test is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorised to do so,” a spokesperson for Netflix said.

So my aunt will just ask me to verify the usage of the account… EZ haha I can see how it will crack down on some sharing indeed… But anyways with the price going up to £13.99 P/M if you want 4K, as much as I love the content, fuck me they take the piss. Disney+ is a one price fits all and happens to be half the price.


I’m personally not fussed. Kate, whose Netflix account we both use, is at most on the other side of the house, so it isn’t a big deal to me.

How often will it request a code though? How pissed would you be having to resend a code to anyone you are kind enough to share your account with every day? Even every week?

I’m not buying that the focus is ‘digital security’ like some articles point to - if Netflix are really focused on cutting unauthorised users, they would blanket password reset or simply revoke active logins and force all accounts to sign in again. Option A helps those who have shared their password, option B helps those who didn’t but did sign in to their account on someone else’s device and didn’t log back out again.

As I said, really not got a dog in the fight, if it isn’t on one of the accounts Kate and I share then…sailin’


Theres the reason right there. 20% of your existing account base numbers as ‘potential’ customers. Its easier to target them if they tell you they are there.

I pay £9.99 now. Happy to. Good content. No interest in 4k yet. Probably never. We use it on loads of devices and my mum amd dad use it.

As for Disney+ it is very much in the growth phase. No danger that pricing will stay at this level. Id give it 3 years. Then boom.

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