Network Monitor

Hello, Im trying to find a half decent networking monitor. Basically I need to find out who is being the tit on the home network and using up all the bandwidth… Ive tried a few basic tools but nothing is really telling me much.

Anyone know of any good tools I can use/Find for this??


Wire shark is a free one i think. Should let you know

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If you have a decent router, they may be traffic analysis tools built in. It is the best place for this kind of stat gathering as it’s the single source of traffic.

Do you know your router model no?


Its a EE Smart Hub ( Serial number:+EEH001+2002014766) and as far as I can see it does not have any :frowning: well you can look at individual IPs and watch there data usage but nothing overall…

@Hammy I shall have a gander good sir

I think it might only do what device it’s installed on. Been a long time since I’ve used it.

But yeah, notch is right. To get a true reading you need something that reads from the router or firewall

When you log in to the router does it show a dashboard like this?


If so, go in to ‘My Network’ (Might be called something slightly different like ‘Devices’/‘Connections’) and you should see something like this:

You should be able to figure out from the last column which device is hoovering the bandwidth and some idea of what the device is. I think there might even be some decent traffic management settings in the advanced dashboard if you poke around that would let you limit bandwidth by device.


My moneys on An IPhone or Ipad .For hogging the bandwidth that is.


+1 to this. According to the monitor on my router my PC has done 1tb in the last 23 days and the next nearest device is Kate’s phone. The sheer amount of streaming she does is crazy.

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Another option if you don’t have the ability to see who is using the bandwidth is to set up a DNS monitor and see who is making requests. Set up a RaspberryPi with PiHole, and then set the routers DNS to the IP of the pi, leave it run for a few days and you should have an answer

You can name each of the devices and see the frequency, one of my own is below:

Edit: c_phone is my mobile, snorlax is my Plex server, tv is the TV and navi is the DNS/DHCP server


Yea thats what Ive been doing, though have to click back and forth to see updates as it does not do it live (Yes Im being a tad lazy there heh)

but with my T&T job, clicking back and forth is annoying heh

but yea, it does seem to be phones mainly…

I shall have me a poke and see :slight_smile: