New build

Hey everyone, and yes I am still alive.

I’ve had an absolute rubbish couple of months over here. I’ve been helping proof read a book which has involved me working on it til 01:30 in the morning during the week and I’ve been spending entire weekends on the damn thing too. I’ve been miserable and because of this, adn so, I feel I deserve something nice.
Something nice and horribly expensive.

My current gaming machine is my Asus laptop from 2012 with a Nvidia GT635m so this new build needs everything (monitor, keyboard etc.)
My budget is 25,000-30,000 kr (about 2,500 to 3,000 euro). I can’t buy from outside Norway as I’ll get hit with a 25% tax. Prices aren’t too bad here at the moment so I won’t get completely screwed over.
I’d honestly prefer to go with AMD but I’ll go with whatever is best for the price.

This machine is primarily for gaming but I will do a little bit of work on it. My work is just basic office stuff that any old machine can do.
In theory I could just buy something prebuilt, like the link below, but I’d like to actually build it myself. I’m really out of the loop with PC components at the moment but I’ll have a proper read up on things now that I’ve some free time.

Format shamelessly stolen from Vred’s post

  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 2700x - 3,390 kr
  • CPU Cooler : stock
  • Motherboard : MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON, Socket-AM4 - 2,077 kr
  • RAM : HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (it has the words hyper and predator so it clearly must be good) - 1,789 kr
  • PSU : Corsair HX850, 850W PSU 1,399 kr
  • GPU : MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Duke OC 8,179 kr
  • Boot M2 : Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 SSD 1,429 kr
  • Storage SSD :
  • Storage HDD : WD Desktop Black 2TB 1,427 kr
  • Case : Fractal Design Define R6 Sort 1,349 kr
  • Case fans : 3x Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm Vifte 695 kr
  • OS :

Total price 29,233 kr

and once last thing

Sort this crap out Jester


Can you save any cash dropping the PSU to 700-750 and dropping the card to a 1080ti over there?

The 2000 series are nice and beefy but if you can grab a 1080ti cheaper it’ll still do you well.

If you can save some cash on those parts I’d highly recommend picking up a nice cooler over stock. Even a single fan/sink noctua would do you better than a stock fan.

On the screenshot - is that through a work network?

ZiiP was blocked at work for me for a while until I asked the techs nicely and they added it to an exceptions list.

It’s been blocked recently in my work too. I thought it the boss had just tightened things up. I think it’s now been categoriesed now as a gaming web site.

Now if only I knew someone in our it department would knows how to add it to the safe list.

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Yeah, it’s our work network. I could ask someone in IT but that would require me actually knowing some bloody Norwegian.

The 1080TI is either sold out over here or at a price not too far off the 2080. I can save a little going down a bit with the PSU.
One thing that I’m confused about is the huge range in price of the 2080 cards. It can’t be worth spending a hundred pounds or more on a different manufacturers version of the card, i just don’t see it being worth it for the small increase in performance.

I thought the stock cooler on the Ryzen was supposed to be pretty good? If not I’ll add it to the list.

I know it’s a very expensive build but I got some tax back and I’m due refunds for courses I had to attend which pretty much pays for the machine (whistles as he ignores the planned new kitchen and the possible purchase of a new car)

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@Jester would have to chime in on that, but my default is to either go OEM for the chip or just sling the stock fan in the bin because they’re generally nowhere near as good as spending a few quid on an after market fan.

That sucks about the 1080ti, I think @NaloaC is the only ZiiPster with a 2000 series in their build currently so you’d have to ask him how happy he is with it - they are tasty cards if you’re moving up from anything before the 1000 series but the gains aren’t quite as stark jumping from the top end 1000 series to the 2000 series. Is used at all an option for a 1080ti over your end?

I’m a huge fan of Ryzen. But everyone’s machine is different - and if you’re mainly going to be playing games and using Office, then an Intel route is the more sensible option because you’ll have a higher individual core speed. An OC’d 8700K for example would piss on everything.

The reason I went with Ryzen is the price… bang per buck is better. Secondly is the huge core count, but that is because I use Premier Pro, After Effects, video encoding, VMs and other programs that use the cores. My third reason is I like having something different from the mainstream, so I chosen AMD, guided by my spiritual overlord of non-mainstream tech, @n0tch

As I said to vred previously, highend Ryzen and Intel are both really good at the moment and offer different things, but neither are a mistake to buy.


What resolution you trying to push ronin?

All that muscle means nothing if you’re just doing 1080p gaming.

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Have to agree with Xander there. Unless you’re trying to achieve stupid framerates @1080p, a 2080Ti is insane.

However, I do know that Ronan is looking at a 3440x1440 curved screen at the moment with a 100Mhz refresh rate. That’s gonna need some muscle!

I could get the1080TI here second hand but to be honest I’d be wary of doing that. I’d prefer to buy a new one.
I can save a little by going with a 450 motherboard and getting different ram (which i know next to nothing about)

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I’m pretty agnostic when it comes to the processor. I know for pure gaming th Intel will edge out amd but i do save a little bit going with the 2700x instead of the 8700 and amd don’t seem to use the equivalent of chewing gum to dissipate heat from the chip, which is nice. Are you using the stock cooler with your chip Jester?

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I’m looking at QHD and 3440x1440

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I am, - its the one that comes with the 2700 (not sure if the 2700x is a better one) - I had the intention of getting a funky Notcua one but the RGB Ring on it really looks funky.

One of the main reasons I updated recently was because I had no fan control on my old Socket 1155 setup. With my new AM4 mobo, I can software control all of them. What I have found now is that for most work, I don’t need to have my front fans or top fans on at all. I have my rear exhaust and CPU fan on low. The PC is completely silent which is LOVELY. Even with that setup, I maintain about 25 degrees on the motherboard, and about 30-40 degrees on the CPU.

When I play games, the GPU fans kick in - sometimes I’ll crack the mode up on the other fans… sometimes I forget - but the system doesn’t melt.

One reason I loved my Apple/Mac was working with no fans in silence. Now my PC does the same, I use it a hell of a lot more (I even got rid of my Mac Mini).

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Since when were you the sensible one in this friendship. I’ll buy god damn 2080 TI and play at 640x480 if i want to.

Ok, so now realising how the forum works and that my replies aren’t nesting under comments the way i thought they would

It looks likei can geta 8700 k here for 3,999 not much more than the ryzen




I would be careful with Ryzen if you are mainly into gaming. Some of the Indie games run rather questionable on them, surely this wil get better over time but if you can get a 8700k for almost the same price I would go with that. Still look at motherboard prices too, AMD is a bit cheaper. The 8700k runs fairly hot though and you need to be careful with ram speeds on the AMD! On mainstream titles though, AMD catched up a lot with stbility!

A 1080Ti is almost enough to run any game at 4k 60Hz and given the problems around the 20-series and its significant price increase I would stay away from that. I run the exact same combo, a 7700k @ 4.5GHz, 1080Ti also slightly overclocked. I can run Warframe in 4k at a stable 60FPS (maxed), BF5 (slightly below ultra), WoT, WoWs, Destiny 2, SF5, Monster Hunter is between 45-60fps, Soulcalibur 6, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Killing Floor 2, Planet Coaster, Guilty Gear, Nier Automata and Gris.

If you can aford it, knock yourself out, but I wil stay far away from the 20-series and wait for the 30-series or amds offer next year before even considering upgrading. Btw. I have a 2080Ti at work, cheaper than a P5000 and for our usecases simply better. Still, the price is nuts! (1.6k USD here in South Korea)

I can’t use ziip at work either, but for already like half a year. It goes as gaming website now, no chance!

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Thanks for that. I didn’t realise AMD were releasing new cards next year, I thought we were only getting Zen2. Are those consumer cards? If so I probably should wait a few months

Those P5000 are rendering cards for things like AutoCAD and Pix4D, so I wouldn’t call them consumer cards.

The 1080Ti is going to either become more expensive, or harder to find. Great cards, but if you’re going all-out…

I’ve been running the 2070 now for a couple of weeks and I’m delighted with it.

When I got the 970, I thought it was decent and fairly solid. It underperformed for the higher res stuff with bells and whistles, but it was generally good. This 2070 beats the shit out of it.

I would wait until the New Year sales to see if you can get some components cheaper from either Komplett or Amazon. Things like HDD’s, PSU and maybe the case.

Also, that case you have listed has a fuck-ton of case fans, so you don’t need to buy any more.

I would go with Vred’s great big fuck off Noctua CPU cooler. It’s whisper quiet and terrifyingly massive to install :smiley:


When I get home later I’ll pop up some SpeedFan screens for idle and in ARMA 3 if thats useful @Ronin ?

I didn’t think I could be more happy with a cooler than I was with my old DarkRock Pro dual rad/fan, but the Noctua blows it out of the water. Cooler, quieter and looks like the heat sink from a railgun.


Caolan has a point, wait until at least January and take advantage of the price drop. Maybe you can get a 2080 for a good price or make up on the other parts to justify one ;). The AMDs arent coming out till summer though and given AMDs record I doubt they beat a 2080. I hope though, competition is good!

The P5000 is of course no consumer card, but the 2080Ti still eats it for breakfest. It beats it at pure processing power.

I’ve got a Noctua on my little mATX build, awesome coolers!

When your new PC arrives…