New build



I would personally go with the AMD system as the mobo should be cheaper. Now Norway pricing is a bit bad, how about popping in to Sweden to get the stuff, or is that not possible?
Play around with this if you can do that somehow.
Now that stock cooler on the X version of the 2700 is better than the one that comes with the non X version.
Don’t bother trying to find a 1080Ti as the stock on those should be really low now and price will go up, for comparable performance 2080 should do. The EVGA one that I have on the partpicker list there is a basic one. The mobo you have there on the list is a good one, mine is a cheaper variant (don’t buy the middle version as that is worse than the pro carbon and worse than mine).

Just for a list of what I have if it helps in any way:

  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 2700x
  • CPU Cooler : Corsair H115i Pro RGB
  • Motherboard : MSI X470 GAMING Plus,
  • RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 16GB
  • PSU : Corsair H1000i, 1000W PSU
  • GPU : Aorus 1080Ti
  • Boot SSD : Some 120GB SSD
  • Storage SSD : Some SSD
  • Storage HDD : Couple of HHDs
  • Case : Corsair Carbide Air 540. Highly recommended case if you have the space for it.
  • Case fans : 3x Bequiet 140mm

Temps are good, nearly silent when not under load. I can fiddle around with the fan curves if I want via software etc.
If you do get the 2700X put the Windows 10 power plan to balanced so that it actually downclocks and ramps up when needed. Mine was at 4.3GHz on idle and went to 5GHz under load when the power plan was on high performance.


Do AMD chips eat that much power that it requires a 1,000W PSU??? :open_mouth:


That would be great, thanks.
And thank you for the list Raven. I’ll definitely have a look at the Corsair Carbide Air 540.

Yeah I’ll be holding off on getting anything until I see what the sales are like at New Years.
Popping over to Sweden is a possibility but I could get hit with import duty doing that. I’ll have a look at the prices but there didn’t seem to be much of a difference when I was looking as at NAS systems.

The quieter the better with this system, after using a surface pro 4 for the last while I find that when it’s little fan kicks in, which is does very infrequently, it sounds like a jet engine to my ears. I’m still uncertain about what resolution to aim for 3440x1440 or 2560x1440 which will determine the card I’ll be going for.



It’s the only way to be sure :smiley:


Now that’s the sensible Caolan we all know and love


It is not needed, but I like it running on real low power so the fan does not spin. At one point my old PSU was the one making the most noise in the system. So then had a birthday and everyone gave me amazon gift cards and then I got a proper PSU.


I run a 5 or 6 year old 850W and it rarely ever spins.


Mine was older than that and a 750. I still have it(backup).


I run mine off a 13 year old 9v battery with a deskfan that only comes on when I press the button.


Currently listening to youtube videos detailing the different sounds of keyboards using the different cherry red switches.
I’m trying to decide if this is a low or high point in my life .


While I know he isn’t everyone’s favourite person, this video might be useful to some people:


Any thoughts on this build?
9700K as the 8700K isn’t in stock until February and other stores are far more expensive.
Only an EVO970 500GB as I have a NAS for storage


Looking good.


That’s a tasty build!

Where do you sort your OS out?

As soon as you can, get yourself an additional Samsung 860 EVO 1TB for a storage drive.

Otherwise, I can’t fault that build!


As an entry level machine to gaming, that’s a pretty good setup. You should be able to get 30FPS on high settings, maybe ultra if you’re lucky.



Come on Jes, he’s not even SLIing…


Looks like a pretty decent-spec toaster, aside from a couple light bottlenecks.

…wait, it’s meant to be a computer?

Oh you poor man.


I’ll easily be able to hit 30 FPS on ultra once I find the turbo button on the computer. I assume they still have those on computers these days, right?

It’ll cook toast just lovely, if everything I’ve heard about Intel’s approach to heat dissipation is true that is.

Vred you may have a point about sli. Do you know of a motherboard that supports 3 2080s?


My go - potential only at the mo…

Why would I not get this for £450?

When this lot would be an extra £25-odd?

And this ram?