New build


you might have a much higher budget?
you might have a much lower budget?
you might already have something better?
you might have severe brand loyalty to gigabyte?


I don’t have budget, frankly, but I am looking at ways to get it done :slight_smile:

Reviews say the X470 is the better way to go, but as I just started looking this morning, I’m always happy to defer to you guys as you’re likely far more in the know than I am :slight_smile:


Look at this for the mobo choises.
Also look at the LPX memory but the 3200mhz version. Ryzen likes the higher ones.
If you are not too fuzzed then wait for the new version or Ryzen as it will be coming soon.


Did a buy…

Big one :disappointed_relieved:

New gfx too. So, mobo, ryzen thing, 2070, ram. Couple of other non-IT gubbins.

Looks like mobo has free BF code too…

But! I will have a load of stuff to sell on :slight_smile:


Totally forgot to post this, sorry dude.

This is a speedfan screen of idle after sitting in the house on for a couple of hours while we had the heating on:


I’ll play something for a bit and take another and post it up.


No hurry.

Ima see how the stock cooler fares to start with. I’m unsure whether the am4 equivalent will actually fit as yet…

However, I also spent on a new case - so then I can sell my existing set up essentially as a whole as I got a PSU and HDD knocking about… :wink:


After a half hour of Rebel Galaxy:



Jeepers - gpu is warrum! :open_mouth:



That’s honestly not that warm.

My 970 and the 5870 before that would hit ~70 - 80°c


It’s a wierd card Pants, the fans don’t kick in until it hits 60c, the rest of the time it is passively cooled.

This ends up meaning it hover around 45/55 when playing but it rarely gets above 60oc.

MSI card with ‘Twin Frozr Technology’, most of the MSI range seem to use this now.


But still don’t lick it, yeh? :slight_smile:


I’m waiting right now for the new Zen 3 release, if the leaks are correct the 3700x looks juicy! 12 Cores at 5 GHz, if the rumors can be trusted. If thats true and the single thread performance increases too due to the shrunk die size, AMD might be on par or better than Intel.

I’m in no rush at all so I can play it slow. God knows if I’m even in Korea anymore … and my 7700k still smashes everything anyway. Still, 3x the core count would be fun to play around with, work related or CAD stuff in my free time.



Hospital appointment - I was out for 90 minutes and of COURSE Amazon tried to fekin deliver… BAH!
Redelivery tomorrow - I got docs at 9:50. What’s the betting that the rest of my build will try to be delivered when I’m there? FFS!

Can’t give me a time for delivery, so I can’t fekin ask to delay it until I be home… ARSEBISCUITS. But the ONE brief bit of time I’m out, the fekin delivery arrives. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


I built a thing :slight_smile: And it works.

One slight issue taht I bodged for a brief period of time, but its all fancy now! :smiley:

And I can’t figure how to get pics on here :rofl:


And we thank whatever god will listen that you haven’t figured out posting pictures yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


BUT I BILT A FING!1!!! And it worked :slight_smile:

Tis VERY pretty :slight_smile: O and GPU running at 31 degrees… Not stressed it yet, mind… Gonna derp in tenkz ferrabit, all setings on ultra…

Ultra = 48 degrees. CPU = 32. lulz

All air cooled :slight_smile:


Get WoT enCore Phants, tis the new WoT engine performance tester

Then you’ll be able to see exactly what fps etc you’ll get ingame at various GPU settings. Hexus are now using it when doing reviews as well as Benchmark


So I popped by the post office earlier, and then dropped by a second time with the car



A quick update on the machine. Had one or two little problems that Caolan, and the mandatory blood sacrifice, got me through.

I still was having an issue when I tried to use dual channel ram, the in box manual differed a bit from the online one, but I thought I might be able to sort this out in the bios.

I still couldn’t get the ram working and after double and triple checking everything I removed the CPU and found damaged pins on the board.

I’ve no clue what caused it. Just sent an RMA request and will hopefully hear back about it soon

P.s you can use a mouse in the bios these days!