New build




Everything is working and it’s time for some demon slaying!

My card is hitting 78 degrees at full load. It’s a little higher than I thought but space, and therefore airflow, is limited in the case because the card and the support bar are flipping massive

p.s need to sort out my windows key but am getting distracted


I think I must have built my new system wrong towards the end of last year as I didn’t cut myself!

Playing games on a new system where you just install crank the settings and then kill things is great!


Can you reorient your fans in to a different push/pull situation to better suite where the case is?

Or can you fit more fans in there?

That is a hefty number for a card like that to be getting up to, especially since you live about 4 miles from the arctic circle.


This displeases the blood god:

(Have I actually fucking turned in to Tahu?! This is about the sixth 40k response I’ve posted recently…)


Your close to being dead to me @vredesbyrd

not really! XX


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I have my fans set up in a “fuck you physics” setup in that I have a top intake, bottom intake wiht a side exhaust but my case is not exactly conventional.

Der8auer himself actually tested top intake and found that it helped temps for VRM’s since AIO coolers have no airflow around the socket. That’s deffo one area that air coolers are much better as they help with air flow and also serve a secondary function of the blood sacrifice :smiley:


Ahhhh so your AIO liquid solution is actually virgin blood? Is…is that what really happened to Tahu, @ChEd ??


I don’t actually know what the liquid is, the cooler is made by fractal design so could be!

I know you have found that corsair use xenomorph blood in their coolers so I guess its possible.


To fit the card I had to convert the case into its open configuration but with the support bracket I didn’t have any choice about where I install it.
The 78 degrees was with the default fan setting but I’ll be playing around with those soon


Holy mother of god HOW FUCKING BIG IS THAT CARD?!

Are you sure you ordered a graphics card and not a replacement part meant for CERN?!


You probably have a factory OC on that card, I’m seeing 3x power connectors on that beast!

GPU’s running less than 80c is fine IMO and I think it needs more 80c to start throttling down, if you run up MSI afterburner and put the OSD on and watch the clock as it heats up you’ll probably see it boost the clock speed on the core and then hold steady, if it backs it off then its throttling but I wouldn’t expect that looking at the cooler!


Get a thunderbolt 3 PCIe card and mount the graphics card in its own external enclosure. Maybe outside. In the snow.


78 degrees is fine; throttle is around 85 i think, with shutdown at 90? As long as things are quiet :smiley:

@Ched I agree with fuck you physics, top intakes seem to work great, and i doubt the updraft of warm air inside the case is offering much resistance to actual fans. I’m considering going ALL intakes and leaving my side panel off (because it is most of the time anyway).


Ronin - is the gpu fan downward facing? If not, then perhaps mount it lower so it has room to breath? If ot’s downward facing, is the PSU fan upwards facing as there would be interference.

And I assume that the cooler fans can’t be put on the other side, as they are pushing air against the input fans at the front of the case, so I suspect huge turbulence, so little flow through.

EDIT:- is the case new as if not, I would strongly recommend getting another (bigger) one if you can afford to.


The bottom bit that says “MSi Lightning” is the support bracket that comes with the card to help prevent flex.


Ahhhh ok. Jesus that thing must be heavy then!


His motherboard has metal reinforced PCIe slots like mine does and I’m not seeing flex with my Aorus card and its a heavy old girl as it has a shit ton of copper on it including on the back plate.

But my card, whilst heavy, doesn’t look as tall as that one sans support bracket!


It’s 1.85 kg