New Call of Duty to Drop Campaign Mode

So reports are all over the internet that the new CoD will have no single player and will focus on multiplayer only, with a possible battle royal mode added. Now though I haven’t played a CoD game in years, so this wont affect me, though if I was to get a CoD it would be more for the sp than the mp.

Reason behind this, is of course money. They want to focus on the MP as that is where the money is at, again at the expensive of the ones that enjoy the sp. For me some of the CoD sp missions where fantastic! Still remember the sniper mission from CoD4 as one of the best I’ve ever played.

So thoughts people? Would devs rather make as much money as possible rather than make a really good game that does ok?

Lost all interest in any COD game - single player was the main reason to buy the game.

Battle royale… isn’t that the same as free for all… Game is too fast and twitchy for a patient BR mode.

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They are just trying to get a slice of the pubg/fornite pie

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I agree Hammy. Campaign mode in recent years is why I have always bought COD. I skipped the last spacey one though as after advanced warfare I even fouind the campaign a bit meh. I have been tempted to get COD WW2 mainly for campaign although I did enjoy the MP somewhat and really did find it reminescant of original version. I think if it went MP only I would struggle to be interested, especially if the cost is the same to purchase.

As for BR mode, They would be cashing in. But the map sizes and cod just dont compute? I think back to COD United Offensive, they had bigger maps with vehicles on it, so I guess it is not our of the realms of possibilities. I cant see twitchyness being a problem if the maps relate. PUBG is twitchy as hell at close quarters and bouncy, well everyone else seems to be even though i am creeping about, so no problem there. INot convinced though that its something that works alongside traditional COD. Now Battlefiled could possibly pull it off. And I know they have rumours also of BR mode of sorts.

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Just thought Id drop this in here. I dont think I ever seen this. Made me chortle. Old though.


Seemingly Battlefield 5 is also looking at doing a fucking battle royale mode too :confused:

Can no one be original now days?


Isn’t that technically rehashing an old idea? :smiley:

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Stop pointing out my mistakes!

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Surely since Titans were borked that would be considered perfecting an old idea that wasnt optimised? :wink:

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Ahhhh…so much love for the last good COD, in my opinion anyway :smile:

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