New Consoles & Video Game Awards 2019 Super-Mega Thread

So here it goes! The Mega Thread for Game Awards 2019 I will start with the winners and then the game trailers!

Best Fighting game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Best esports team: G2 Esports
Best esports host: Sjokz
Best esports event: League of Legends World Championship
Best esports coach: Zonic
Best esports player: Bugha
Best Score and Music: Death Stranding
Best Community Support: Destiny 2
Best Narrative: Disco Elysium
Best Audio Design: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Best Strategy Game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Content Creator of The Year: Shroud
Best Art Direction: Control
Best Action Game: Devil May Cry 5
Games for Impact: Gris
Best Family Game: Luigi’s Mansion 3
Best Mobile Game: Call of Duty Mobile
Best Sports/Racing Game: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Best Multiplayer Game: Apex Legends
Esports Game of The Year: League of Legends
Best VR/AR Game: Beat Saber
Best Performance: Mads Mikkelsen (Death Stranding)
Indie Game: Disco Elysium
Best Game Direction: Death Stranding
Best Role-Playing Game: Disco Elysium
Ongoing Game: Fortnite
Best Action/Adventure Game: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Game of The Year: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Still with me?



Naraka looks nice, FF7 and Ori are already on my list anyway. Hellblade 2 though, not really a surprise that we get a sequel. Ghost of Tsushima looks interesting.

The Awards look fitting, Fighting was either to go to Smash or Tekken 7. D2 getting the community one, no surprise either. GOTY for Sekiro, that was a surprise.

is BS Final fantasy XIV deserves that. They are always talking to the community and such.

Also you missed best ongoing game that Fortnight won again should have been FFXIV but meh

Whelp looks like I missed a few. Will edit

The awards are always a joke when it comes to certain topics. Best ongoing game for example will always be the most popular one. Otherwise Warframe should have won that at least once in the last 3 years.

I’m really not surprised D2 won, they changed to a ftp system, broke the shackles of Activision and also changed a lot of underlying systems to the better. It is hard to beat that “hype”.

your right that is a game and devloper who cares D2 is just more D1 with pritty lights

Don’t get me wrong though, I loved the update they released, the new story is kinda shit but they did so much good changes to the underlying systems in D2 and it plays much better.

Warframe had a fairly mediocre year so far, lots of the big updates were delayed. Finally Empyrean got released. Will probably play a bit tonight in that! They should have definitely won 2 years ago though. Maybe next year … .

I don’t know what to think of Godfall, the concept sounds great. A looter slasher in 1st person? Could be cool.

EDIT: I just saw that Gris wasn’t picked for Art Direction. Kinda weird, I get why the chose Control but I felt Gris had the better Art direction, it was the backbone of that game.

I fucking knew the music from Shenua II sounded familiar! :smiley:

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