New installed Plugin : Spoiler

I’m going to be adding in some additional plugins to the forum over the coming days/weeks (as I get around to it)

Just added one now, which will be useful for the TV/Film/Book section. Click the blurred sections to read :slight_smile:

Putting ‘spoiler’ in square brackets [ ] and ending in [/ ] ( like you would any normal tags) will blur it out like this… Funky huh?

Other than using the markdown for it, you can also select it from the ‘options’ cog from the bar at the top when you are writing a post…

Please obviously don’t just write your entire post as a spoiler… give to some reference at the start… and don’t use it on sections that don’t really need it.


Is there a list knocking about for the formatting syntax?

I’ve tried to do some formatting like changing the sizing of pictures and some font stuff but none of what I’ve tried works.

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That is one of the fancier tags I’ve seen on a forum though.

A list of things would be handy actually, let us numpties spruce up our threads a bit :smiley:

This should be called “Where the fuck are my glasses” or “Hangover” tagging.