New Monitor


I am looking for a new monitor for gaming but I am a little undecided on what size, resolution, type etc to get.

I am interested in what monitors you all have and why you decided to get that monitor?

Outside of gaming, would you use your PC for watching movies or tv shows at all?

Myself and Adrock have 34" AOC super-wide screens (3440x1440) and I think it’s safe to say that we both think they’re fucking awesome.

Some would argue that a crazy high refresh rate is the way to go (120 - 144Mhz) but you need enough grunt out of your machine to achieve that.

Set your budget first, work from there.

First decision is size. That’ll kinda determine resolution. For example, if less than say 27" then it isn’t worth going to 4K. I’m a fan of QHD (2650x1440) at 16:9.

If it is soley gaming use and you’re the only one sitting in front of it, then a TN screen over an IPS might be a consideration as you’ll probably get a faster refresh (1ms). However, TN screens have poorer viewing angles and if you are using the screen for work and require colour accuracy, will be poorer than a good IPS.

Then you have refresh, lowest is 60Hz. Ideally 100Hz. Some go to 144Hz. Your decision on refresh & resolution will be determined by your graphics card - as in, you may need a good one to get the higher end monitors.

Bare in mind your available FPS is governed by the refresh of the monitors - There are technologies also involved like Freesync that are worth looking it.

Finally, brands. I recommend AOC like Caolan, as I own one. (32" QHD)

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I can’t recommend this personally, but did see an email the other day for it and it has good reviews - the only downside being it doesn’t have a VESA mount to put it on it’s own stand should you want to do that.

It’s 27", QHD (2560 x 1440) and has a 1ms response time with 144Hz refresh. That’s pretty top-end for not a lot of money - only £229.95 - It is TN though, not IPS. Obviously not a branded make, and I don’t know who Element Gaming are to be honest… or who actually makes their parts, because lets be honest, they are going to be a rebadged monitor.

In answer to your original question, this is the latest version of my monitor. I love it.

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I also have the AOC. Happy with it :slight_smile:

iiyama Prolite 24" 144Hz.

Sits in front of me. Only really used for gaming. Prefer higher refresh rates and higher FPS and quite happy being at HD resolutions for now. Cant complain about the monitor been guid for couple of years.

Element Gaming is Ebuyer’s own brand :slight_smile:

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I will be buying this very soon once Black Friday has passed and there is no more savings to be had on it.

27" Check.
IPS for better colours
144Hz as I will have this monitor far far longer than I will have this GFX so eventually I may hit 144FPS, but…
FREESYNC so it doesn’t matter if I don’t hit 144FPS yet.
4ms response is fast enough my my old eyes.
At £380 form OCUK it’s a fucking steal as most other places apart from Amazon have it at over £500. Scan have it for £409, but no stock.


Dam you guys have given we a lot to think about.

This was my old monitor:

All the right spec I feel but a little small now.

Is your 32" perfect for gaming?

Yes, love having 32 inches.


How does @Angelclaws feel about it?



she’s impressed you can view it from almost any angle.


How is the response time?


quicker than expected. Depends what you put on it.


If you put a lot on it, does it hertz?


The more hertz the better. Then you have to cool it off in the sync.