New monitor>?!?

I think i want a new monitor after seeing how bad the image is on my current screen compairs to my TC ( when it’s giving a 1080 image) and screen shots of games i play viewed on my phone i think im loosing detail. My current samsung syncmaster 23b550 is mehh ( the settings on the there are a pain to chnage and alot are locked to presets) and i know my PC can’t handle 4k after testing it on my TV.

What would be some good choices to look at? I have a small budget of £200ish and limited space so around the 23" mark. i remember xander and adrock talking about quad HD or ultra wide being good but im at a loss with what it means.

Mebbes you don’t need to know what it means, just taht it will improve your experience, buddy.

On Jes’s suggestion I got a big ass AOC thing (maybe 32" which is a big ass PC screen to me). From what I gather on here, look at the abilities of gfx card (I can’t remember the term) taht nvidia has recently “unlocked” as that helps.

What GPU you got, Rich?

Nvidia gforce 1060 i think

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23" isn’t a particaular great size, at that size the only screen making sense would be a 1080p or 1440p (16:9) screen with high refresh rate. Modern gaming monitors are typically at last 27" especially if you want a 1440p panel.

Ultrawide or QUAD HD are typical terms for screen pixel sizes. The former typically is a 2560 × 1440 panel standard 16:9 aspect ratio (often shorten 1440p) the latter a wider screen aspect ratio of around 21:9, for example a 2560×1080p. Widescreens are nice for productive work in some case but have less area than a similar sized (diagonal) standard 16:9 panel. The 1060 (3g or 6g, maissve difference) might just be enough to push a 1440p panel at 120Hz, but ONLY if its the 6g model, even than it depends on the game you play. I would rather go with a high refreshrate 1080p panel.

  • LG 32QK500, 32", 1440p, 60Hz, IPS panel, freesynch at around 300-350USD, I bought this for work, amazing screen for the price
  • LG 24GM79G-B, 1080p panel 144Hz, 8bit TN panel
  • Acer Predator XB2, 1080p, 240Hz, 24.5", Gsynch therefor more expensive around 400-500USD
  • Acer XF250Q Abmiidprzx, 24.5", 1080p, 240Hz, FreeSynch, 400 Nit brightness, around 300USD
  • Acer KG241Q Pbiip, 23.6", 1080p, 144Hz, only 300 Nit brightness, FreeSynch but cheap at 200USD
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It is the 6GB Version i’l have a look at the ones you’ve suggested cheers mate

I found this. Anything stand out with this screen?

It’s only 1080p incase you where looking to go higher. Also it’s amd freesync. Don’t know how that works with your gfx

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1080 is fine don’t think i can push much more my CPU is bottle necking my system i think. And i think some nvidia card work with the amd freesynce

I’m sure it will work. I’ve been looking into this a bit as the gsnyc monitor are double the price of free snyc.

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Thats because gsynch needs a dedicated hardware panel, freesynch is software based. Thats why nvidia adopted it with the latest driver releases. Even most uncertified screens might support it but its alwaysa gamble. Otherwise solid looking screen.


This is what I brought!

Lol so much for “I can only fit a 23” screen" :smiley: . 1440p for a 32" is a bit on the lower resolution side, 75Hz IPS and Freesynch for that price is fairly decent though…

This is why i have a size restriction atm my tv us covering the right edge bezel lol. Need to move the tv but its a hassle to rewall mount the fucker

lets bump this topic as i need a new monitor again i have been using my old old HD TV that was a great 1080p screen for my ps4 but on PC is lacking alot of colour and detail compaired to if used on a console so i think i need a dedicated monitor.

Can’t be bigger than 27’’ due to the space i have for it
1080p is fine as my PC won’t and can’t handle 4k
good colour and sharp image are a want.
price limit not sure near £200ish

is this one any good


Looks pretty solid to me - ticks all the gaming boxes… 1ms refresh, 144Hz, G-Sync and Freesync. Bezeless too. Very nice.


cheers jes ordered it :smiley: i shall review it once i get it


Thanks for this Reno, I’m not far from being in the same boat, need something probably about the 27 inch size, only looking to spend a couple of hundred quid. Let us know how get on :+1:

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@spoonlamp review for you any any one else who’s interested.

VERY good! only a little bit of messing with settings to get it were i like it. although is lacking some settings options found on TVs but can’t be helped i guess.

Very thin bezel, the stand is cool ( not used it i wall mounted it. can raise and lower it and spin the screen 90 degrees .

very crisp and bright display.

im not good at writing reviews so thats all ya get XD im happy with it XD