New motherboard

Decided that my 3D printer is getting a bit out of date so opted for a new 32bit wifi motherboard to replace the old 8 bit one.

Got it firmware updated through SSH and connected to my wifi before touching the 3D printer.

The motherboard is bigger than the old one so luckily being a PC enthusiast I have oodles of standoffs, felt washers and screws in a big box so drilled and threaded some new supports.

Stopped now as I need to buy some more precise crimpers as mine are all a bit “automotive” sized :slight_smile:

For now, he is a pic of me and Ralph watching the TV.


The new motherboard is in and working.

Took a bit of translation to convert the default marlin firmware over to the reprap settings and then a good bit of calibration but it’s printing sooo much nicer and quieter than before. I didn’t really need quieter as it’s in my workshop, but hey ho.

This is a 100mm curved square cylinder 0.8mm thick used for extruder calibration. This was my first print.

Google Photos

It went amazingly well. The finish is fantastic.

Google Photos

I then printed a 20mm cube and a benchy


One of the best features of the new motherboard , apart from the increase from an 8bit processor to a 32bit processor is it has built in Wi-Fi with a web interface:

Currently trying to print a Keter lock for @Scottyboy, which to be fair is a pretty tall order for only the 4th print. We shall see.