New PC Build Needed

So, this current Rig is going to my sibling to act as their new media station and VR centre.

As a result, I need to get myself a new PC!

I’m going to put some builds together, but if folk would be willing to put some alternative builds for me, with a 3080 at the centre of it all, that would be awesome.

Budget is 1,500 ex VAT.

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I shall watch with interest as I’m also in the “zone”. Waiting on the new Zen 3 chips to be launched early October which hopefully will result in good deals on current Zen 2 chips.

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Can you wait a month for the new Ryzen stuff to come out…?
Also if you want a good case my corsair case is still available and will go for cheap.

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FE or partner card?

I’m eyeing up things for the moment. I have about a month to get this sorted, so I’m eager to get some stuff lined up.

I’m going for a full build though.


No need for peripherals.

+Then get my Corsair Carbite Air 540 for 50 euro.
I’m not looking up any GPUs as they are pre-order or you can’t get to a web-page of the etailers

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Could replace that cooler with:

Pcpartpicker list for ease of use and modifying:
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Total is 958 euro. No GPU as nothing is available or add 700 for FE card.


Got my eye on this case. RGB. Extra FPS!

Go with Mesh RGB for better airflow. +30 FPS guaranteed.


There is the Samsung 980 Pro M2 drives being released in Early October, so I’m probably going to eye up one of them.

I have a 950(?) Pro at the moment in my current rig, but would use that as a secondary drive alongside the 980. So, the Mobo has to have at least 2 x PCIE 4.0 M2 slots.

I put together a rough build and I’m hitting €2200 inc VAT :smiley:

I really need to tone this shit down if I can. quickest thing is by shaving the RAM down to just 16GB instead of 32GB.


Yeah well this is what happens :slight_smile:
You can always get the 16GB more later on. That is what I did(god damn firefox using it all up).

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This is roughly what I’m looking at.
I do want a solid multi-core CPU, as I do a good big of rendering of surveys, so the more computational power I can throw at it, the better.

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Good price on that mobo, where is that from?

Those are all on that site.

Maybe get a 3600x now, upgrade to a 5000 series (end of) next year. At least that was my thought when they were announced. I’ve got the same CPU cooler, extremely solid choice. . Otherwise decent build, very similar to what I want to run at the end of the year :smiley: .

I would go with a M.2 main drive and a 2dnary sata ssd but you could just use your 2nd M.2 for that.

I hope the GPU prices will drop to normal levels. I saw 3080s priced in my favorite shop in Germany for over 1000Euros. Absolutely stupid.

EDIT: Did you check compatibility of the RAM for ryzen?

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Use the following link to compare shops in EU. Just make sure they ship to your country.
Wish Mindfactory would ship to Ireland.