New PC build

Yes thats right I’m finally going to be putting a new system together, after many years of saying that I’ll get around to it I have placed a parts order! :smiley:

Naturally the CPU will be that lovely Intel i7 8086k that I won in the sweepstake I entered! Quite fitting that the CPU code name is coffee lake…mmmmmm coffee.

The planets have aligned, Stan is shivvering in hell and there may have been an anomaly in the space time continuum but its finally happening!

Not going to tell you what the case is yet but here are some parts:

CPU: Why the 8086k of course
CPU Cooler: Fractal Design Celcius S36 AIO Liquid cooler
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7
RAM: 3200MHz Team Group Vulcan T-Force (CL16) 16GB kit (2x 8GB DIMM’s)
PSU: Seasonic Focus Plus 750W (80+ Gold rated)
NvME SSD to boot from: Intel 760P 256GB M2 Drive

For the GPU I went with the Same card that @BlackRaven ordered the mighty fine Gigabyte AORUS 1080ti!

Some fans have been ordered but I forgot a few things and I’m going to get a new spinning rust drive to store the usual stuff like pr0n, warez, films you know the usual stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I may be fizzing a bit with excitement :smiley:


Nice GPU choise.

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That is a damn tasty looking setup right there fella!

How many years has it taken? :smiley:

How many years? MANY! :rofl:

It will be silly fast compared to what I have now!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooo! Shiny :smiley: GJ Ch4dlingingignignging

Have a looksee at Primocache - using a small SSD as a cache to drastically improve HDD speeds.

I have NO idea WTF you just said :smiley:

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I was looking at those seagate hybrid HDD’s with a bit of flash on them but the new mainboard can take an Intel Optane module too to speed up the HDD access but I’m not super bothered about the speed of access so much as the additional space :slight_smile:

Yep, Primocache does pretty much what Optane does… without costing a fortune.

Please see my previous response :smiley:

It basically moves regularly accessed files to an SSD (using some algorithmic voodoo etc.) to make it faster to access them instead of reading them direct from the HDD Panties!

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Your GPU will look something like this:


Shiny! Good job the new case has a window :slight_smile:

How are you finding the performance? You were running multiple AMD GPU’s before if I remember correctly?

Yeh AMD. I find it f-king fantastic!


Stuff arrived today! :smiley: (I had it delayed until today so I could be in)

Close up of the fans I went with (I might not need all of them but they were in a 3x pack value bundle):

I couldn’t believe the following things when getting that lot out of the box:

  • The sheer weight of the PSU :rofl:
  • The fact I got the version of the mainboard with the included 32GB optane module :open_mouth: There are two versions one with optane and one without and I clicked on the one without on the Overclockers UK site so I have a free optane module to pair with the spinny disk :smiley:

I put the CPU in the shot just because :slight_smile:

I’m not going to be building it this weekend though since I have a few cables that I need (that I forgot to order) and I’m going to pick up a HDD and build it in one hit.

The biggest issue though…

I don’t have a windows 10 key! Does anyone know a source of legit W10 keys without having to pay what MS want for it? I’m after W10 pro :slight_smile:

I also left my larger USB stick at work so I can’t install it unlicensed either :frowning:


I am ever-so-slightly jealous. That is an epic setup :slight_smile:

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The funniest thing of all is that I am still rocking a hilariously low resolution monitor to attach to that GPU so once I have paid down my credit card a bit I’ll need to get a better monitor to appreciate what the card can really do!

Get a pro key from Kinguin.

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Noooooo don’t use Kinguin! :confounded:

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Nothing has been ordered yet! Are they bad news or sketchy Jes?