New PC build


Sketchy marketplace. Codes on there are going to be Corporate keys or stolen.


Ah thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

I might be able to grab one through work but I want this install of windows to be legit if possible in case I need to reinstall down the line with different hardware etc.


Look I have gotten windows 10 codes from the before. Never had any issues. Got games from there as well and never had issues. Also I know other people have gotten keys from there, never had issues. So Jes what you are saying is bs.


You seem to forget raven that Jes ran the game store and has insider knowledge to that business. Do you? I believe Jes if he says that has happened before from there. Just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it has happened before and will happen again.


At the end of the day mate, people can buy from where they like. The fact is, places like Kinguin and G2A aren’t CD key sellers… they are CD Key marketplaces - which means ANYONE can list keys on there and there is pretty much zero due diligence performed. Whilst a lot of transactions go through fine, there are many that do not.

Keys can come from a variety of sources. They could be OEM if an OS, or they could be from a cheap region, or be a promotional product striped away from a deal, or numerous other reasons.

But also, the market can be hit with a batch of bad stock. Usually originating from China (no stereotyping intended), they will buy lots (like 1000s) of a digital products using stolen credit cards and then distribute them into the market (They don’t sell them directly to the end user, they sell them to people like who list them on Kinguin/G2A). Sometimes keys can move between lots of different sellers and retailers - hell, I used to do a lot of B2B myself if a particular region was short of stock.

Anyhow, fraud isn’t always identified immediately. Usually when an investigation is done, a blank ban of keys occurs. Sometimes however, the investigation can be completed - so keys still work even whilst dodgy.

During my time with the Gamestore, I’ve dealt with distributors in France, Germany, Israel, Denmark, Poland, Russia and China (that was fun). I know exactly how this market works and you have to be ultra skeptical of everyone - especially when things are so cheap.

I think I’ve validated my opinion more than I’ve had to - but please don’t describe my comments as BS simply on your own experience.

Google “Kinguin Scam” - legitimate companies don’t have pages of results…


It is a marketplace yes, so you will have to be carefull to check out the supplier. You can get their buyer protection in this case that is a fiver. Kinguin will then take responsibility if there is something wrong with the key.

@ChEd if you have a genuine windows 7 lisence(or if you get one from an old PC in work(dell boxes for example have keys on them)) you can install that on the PC and still do the upgrade for free. If you log in with your Microsoft account it will then register the product agains your account so you can get it reset if you change hardware later on. I have used this process on one PC earlier this year and it worked fine:


Even before Jes had told me any of the inside info he’d gotten from running the ZiiP gamestore from other retailers, I’d heard nothing but bad things about Kinguin.

The whole buyer/seller protection thing should be an immediate red flag - why would a company require you to stump money upfront to protect yourself when buying/selling if there weren’t a good chance of getting scammed buy someone using a stolen card/account or doing charge-backs? Why doesn’t Kinguin protect their buyers/sellers as part of their business?

Well its because of the amount of stolen keys, already redeemed keys, revoked keys, stolen Paypal accounts, stolen bank accounts/credit cards and other such scams that happen on there - and Kinguin know all about it but have literally only implemented the buyer/seller protection and banned the absolute most infamous accounts as a response.

LOADS of articles and youtube videos covering how much shady shit goes on there.


Ok so its kinda hard to do a build thread and try to keep the case secret so…

I went with the 011 Dynamic by Lian Li which was in collaboration with Der8auer (top German overclocker) there are loads of pics of what it looks like on their site:

Here are some pics of it stripped down ready to plonk some components in:

Motherboard side:

Back side where the cables, drives, PSU etc. go:

The hard drive will go in the black HDD cage.

I have already hit a road block! I have not got enough fan screws to mount the case fans for intake and exhaust so I had to order some before I’ll be able to fully complete it because my Akasa fans came with those rubber pull through the fan hole things which sit too high and push out the magnetic fan filters too much and leave gaps so I am going to get some black standard fan screws (the type that bite into the plastic of the fans)

I’m putting some parts in it over this weekend though so I can test everything works etc. I might use the rubber things for testing fan confgurations as things get really interesting with this case and they are easy to move around as a result but those fucking rubber fan mount things usually snap and generally annoy me when ever I have encountered them!

Since you can have a side exhaust or intake, top exhaust or intake, bottom intake.

I’m having intake on the bottom for sure and want to experiment with the top fans as a possible intake to cool the VRM’s/RAM etc. I know heat rises etc. but this case is not exactly conventional so with a side exhaust it might work ok?!

I could put the AIO radiator at the top of the case and have the fans on the side as an intake and have bottom intake for the GPU to have fresh air as it dumps warm air into the case. I’d like to have positive air pressure so more intake than exhaust to stop dust from entering through non filtered gaps etc.

I was going to fit the AIO as an exhaust on the side with the fans drawing through it so the radiator is easy to clean but I’d like to know what fan configurations you guys think would be good to try :slight_smile:


That heat rises thing does not matter when you have fans in there. A bit of a tricky case for figuring out what would be best. So intake on the backside and I’m assuming the you are putting the rad there. You might have already looked at this but if not have a look:


I watch quite a lot of GN videos and have seen steves thoughts, he hasn’t tested all the fan permutations but each build is different I guess so I’ll see how my temps are in testing.

The motherboard came with two standalone thermal sensors, that plug into the board, so I could have a play with those to test where the hot spots are. I have never had a high end motherboard before (allways had mid rangers) so all this stuff is crazy to me :smiley:


Sounds good. Never had a high end mobo myself.
You could then adjust the bottom/top fans based on GPU & VRM temps? Just thinking that the AIO rad will do its job for the CPU, so you will not need to really worry about that.


So it turns out the AIO radiator means that I cannot populate the top fan location above the radiator with it as a side mounted rad, I’m going to try it like this and see how it does.

The fans sit behind the rad so it looks pretty cool like this but the fan cables on the fractal cooler are super short as they are designed to use the built in fan splitter on the radiator so I have not been able to connect the bottom fan to the radiators integrated fan splitter so I am using one of the mainboard’s many headers! :slight_smile:


In case you are still looking for win10pro.
Now I have not checked this place out before. Just seen an ad on facebook…


So it turns out I suck at making build threads!

The system is built and I was trying to fix and irritating issue where the GPU was not detecting my admittedly ancient monitor properly on HDMI but works fine with DVI!

I do have some pics I took of parts of the assembly so I’ll throw those up and I’m not happy with some of the cable managment in the main bay so I’m going to order some fan extension cables so I can hide some stuff better.

The fans are currently stuck in using the rubber things but now that my monitor issues are fixed I’m going to run some benchmarks on it to get some heat in the case as I have been running it like an open test bench with both sides off and the front glass too so I’ll close it up and see what it does temps wise :smiley:

Its running super cool at the moment on default settings, the CPU likes to clock itself to 4.3GHz when running CPU intesive stuff but I have seen it go as high as 4.6 but honestly I haven’t even modded much aside from memory speed in the BIOS so there is a ton of tweaking I can do. I think it has the “multi core” enchancement on in the BIOS that ramps up all cores and not just one so I haven’t seen it run one thread at 5GHz but this thing is so fast compared to what I had before I don’t care :smiley:

I’ll throw up some pictures of its pretty lights too :slight_smile:


On ASUS it is called multicore enhancement. Not sure what Gigabyte calls it. It will essentially make all the cores tubo the same. I don’t think you will be needing to overclock that thing. Maybe down the line when it is 3-4 years old :slight_smile: On the HDMI/DVI thing, note that there are two modes on the GFX for the screen outs, should have been in the leaflet that came in the box. You need to use the correct HDMI slot, it is the lower right one(when looking at it from the back). Now I have had a few issues, but I think it is a windows problem. One of my 3 screens is not getting a signal if the system goes to sleep mode(displays go to sleep) and comes back. This does not even happen all the time. If I reseat the HDMI the screen will come back.
Also if you are running that AORUS software Flex found out that there are issues with it controlling fans so you need an older version to make sure you don’t get issues(some fans were not moving hence overheat issues).
As I only have the GFX that is Aorus I put that thing on and changed the colour on the card then shut it down.


Thanks for the advice on the HDMI ports, I’ll probably leave the system attached with DVI as there is no need to use HDMI for the hilariously low resolution on my current monitor (1680x1050) :rofl: once I have paid off a bit of this new build on my credit card I’m going to get a monitor that can do this lovely card justice as the fram rate numbers on the heaven and valley benchmarks are nuts with everything set to extreme.

Superposition is next up on the benchmarks run and then I’ll probably hit it with some of my games :smiley:

Whilst running the benchmarks I noted that the max GPU temp went to about 75 with the GPU deciding on the fan speeds but its now on a custom fan curve via MSI afterburner, fan stop at anything below 40 degrees C and then the fans ramp up to keep it cool.

Since I have an Aorus mainboard I can use the Gigabyte RGB fusion app to alter the colour of the mainboards lighting and the GPU so they are exactly the same! It looks cool glowing inside the case. Current fave is a nice orange colour but out of the box the mainboard was red which did look pretty cool but the GPU was doing an RGB colour phasing thing that I had to put an end to!

The max the CPU has been to is about 55 degrees which I am happy with but the cooler is a 360 rad so youd expect it to control temps pretty well :slight_smile:


Here is a pic of the glowy stuff! (The slighly hazy bits are due to me still having the protective wrap on the glass im not taking tha off until I’m happy with the cables and proper fan/filter moutings)

I plan on taking some better photos of it once I have finished tidying up the cables a bit more in the main bay but it was an adventure with the CPU and PCIe power cables due to this Seasonic PSU having filtering capacitors in the cables near to the plug which made routing a bit tough but it turned out ok.


Looking good!


I like the glow on it and I think it’d be too bright if I put in illuminated fans or RGB strips, its got a contrasty black/silver/white theme going on which I like.

I’m finding the GPU sometimes cannot make its mind up on whether it stops it’s fans completely or not since its running them at a super low RPM at the moment and the temp is sat at 33 degrees C :rofl: not a bad thing as such though!

I’m hopfully going to get a key for windows from work as windows is now bugging me about that and it won’t let me customise anything in windows right now!