New pc


agggghhhh so many monies!!!

I’ve never heard of that brand. Nub question because I’m still 1080p, if I go 1440p should I also aim for 144hz refesh?


I think with a system like your proposing to build, a 144Hz monitor is probably warranted.


Doesn’t need to be right now, though :wink:

Al - I basically extended my overdraft (by a factor of 4) to pay for mine. Tis “free” monies - yeps, little fee, but cheapest “finance” I could find. All done online too.


Scan do a buy now pay later option. I might have a look at this later!




That’s a solid listing, but I’d change out that M2 drive for something with a slightly higher write speed if you can.


Yeah, that’s pretty much my setup, bar the RTX2060. Nice.


It’s pretty much the setup you posted above


I read that as “a solid fisting” :scream:


Might be ordering this tomorrow night. Does anyone know the difference between the ASUS B450 Prime and the TUF apart from price???


TUF products lean more towards the overclocking side of things.


Would you believe the price has went up for that MB by 20 quid since I posted that earlier today.


Or I have not screenshotted the prices including VAT


Slight change on the MB. Can anyone see if i’m missing anything? Will I need to order thermal paste or does that come with CPUs now days?


typically you’ll get some either with or pre-applied to the cooler both with the cpu and the separate one.

  1. I would go with a seperate package of good old MX4 Arctic Silver as thermal paste. Its not the best you can buy (that would be Kryonaut). I never used the pre-packaged stuff but rather get something I trust and know works well, I recently changed to Kryonaut for my delidded cpu but I still swear on the MX4. Lasts ages, works with aluminium, and very simple to use.

  2. I woud get a few fans for the case? At least 2, one in one out, maybe stick with corsair AF series (airflow optimised). A tripple pack for around 40 USD isn’t too bad and should keep your CPU and GPU cold, especially as you don’t have an AIO you need some airflow through the case.

  3. Did you check compatibilty of the ram? Sometimes the Ryzen chips suprise with what they are incompatible.


I agree with the MX-4. Use that myself in everything.

RAM should be compatible.


Editing my post again. Have a look at this in regards to the MB.


Will watch later. Though reviews i read last night Seemed to big up the ruf

@Jester you got a link for scan??


Not for Scan sadly. Overclockers, Ebuyer and Amazon… yes.