New Rainbow 6 Update

We are getting a zombie mode as a free DLC for 4 weeks I think. Something popped up on facebook about it this morning. need to look into it more, I think it said it was 3 player co-op

New map is sound interesting going by PC gamer

hopefully Myok Meok Tower is the beginning of more maps that eliminate spawn-peeking as a technique.

New ops sound interesting. 1st Zofia, a Polish operator on the attacker side. Zofia’s much more conventional: she carries an LMG or an AR alongside her unique gadget, a double-barrelled grenade launcher that can fire stun or impact grenades without reloading. She’s sort of like Ash mixed with Ela—ranged breaching and concussion consolidated into one character.

Then we have Vigil (Defence) His ability, when active, renders him invisible to drones and cameras. It can stay running for about 20 seconds, after which it recharges. Any action interrupts it, like putting up a barricade or firing your weapon.

Finally, the one I’m looking forward too, Dokkaebi(attacker), from what I have read she basically hacks your phone, causing it to make a noise and you have to hold 5 to turn it off. Also she can can hack the phone of a killed enemy to give all of her teammates access to those static cameras, finally giving attackers a reason to keep one or two of those cameras in tact.

I’ve taken all of this from this PC gamer article

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So the defender Vigil can be invisible to the static cameras that only the defenders have access to…

Drones, means he can hide during the prep phase, makes for a good roamer.

Does it though? I mean… I spot defenders on drone… ok - ID them… but I have no idea where they are when I breach… and if I’m roaming, I’ve already moved by the time attackers come to breach. Plus, Jackal will surely still be able to track footprints… sounds pretty pointless - I’d rather to Cavira.

Personally sounds like PC Gamer have got it wrong…

They did say that him and the Polish attacker dont really add much (well to the guy writing the article) but the hacker will mix things up massively. Though can see them being pissed off if twitch takes out all the cameras. The hacking pf the phones will be interesting, esp when trying to locate the last ones if you have any hacks left.

Defending, it might be an idea to destroy internal cameras near the objective

She has an M14 EBR. That’s what I’ll be playing then…

Race ya to her! :wink:

all the yellow money

I’m surised the korean Hacker isn’t called D.Va :smiley:

sure you don’t want a weapon more suited to indoor use and ranges of less than 50m? You going to try and snipe someone in the next server over?


Maybe it’s an M14 SOCOM?

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unless it’s going to give you a kill from a single body shot i’m just not sure i see the point, though they do seem to be trying to promote the idea of wearing opposition down slowly rather than taking them out (kapkan changing to 40-60% damage, numerous traps doing limited damage, the changes to damage drop-off over distance).

I might have been up for that but wtf is the 3 player limit about?!

Zombie mode sounds fun, might bring me back to play this, as well as the PvP mode. Three player limit is a bit dumb though. Its still early so they might change it around a bit!

Seems like the new DMR for the Korean Operator (the hacker) is quite a beast, very easy to keep steady even with high firerate.