New Steam Library Skin

What the hell has happened to my steam account?

I liked the simplicity of Steam. Uniform. Clean. Clear.

What the fuck is this mess?

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Mine hasnt changed

It will Hammy, it will…

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@Jester you can change it to show only installed games, shelves will show “What’s new” “Recently Played” & “Installed” (main window) & left window Installed only. When it says GAMES on left side click on the little arrow (play icon).



My steam has not been polluted yet…

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I’m refusing to open my steam just encase it has changed and I have to purge my eyes

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i would recomend using GoG 2.0 if you can get the beta access very clean interface and works really well with steam, uplay, origan and the like.

Also includes xbox and playstaion … for some reason lol

EDIT… I forgot you can also add games not in clients just by surching and they try and find all the right infor for ya.


There are doubles on that due to it being all my games and i have some accross PC, PSN and xbox one