Newish pc

Friend at work is after a mid range gaming pc for his little lad his budget is £250 could go higher
I got an old packard bell but its an all in one so can’t upgrade it. He’s just after something simple

Just to add I’ve got my old motherboard ram an 3dcard iv just remembered

Okay so been rooting through my flat found everything but a case and hardrive so hopefully be able to get everything going for under £100


Apparently my old motherboard is dead having a great week :man_facepalming:

No lights no cpu fan movement
The actual tower lights up tried another psu same thing took the cpu out all the ram an 3dcard just had the motherboard connected same thing also switched the little battery still no dice anyone know where I can find another gigabyte ga-p67a-ud4-b3 for cheap :sob:

Only one I can find :confused:

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No one laugh I forgot to plug the power sw in :sob:


Jesus this whole post has just been one long cafuffle

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But an awesome one at that Buggsy :slight_smile: