Ni no Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom

Probably no one is surprised that I like a Ghibli art style inspired jRGP … yes I’m predictable. I just lost my shit when I found out Ni No Kuni 2 is coming on PC. I was heart broken the first part never made it to either PC (or recently Switch) and was only available for PS and 3ds (?).

Not entirely sure what I sign up for as the game merges quite a bunch of sub genres.


I started playing it and its quite nice. What I don’t like it is the lack of synchronisation work and the missing Ghibli cinematics. Otherwise its pretty slick and the gameplay is as expected a wild mix of genres. I’m around 4h in, fairly close to setting up my city properly.

It really feels like its a downgrade to Mi No Kuni in terms of story telling as far as I can tell, the missing Ghibli cinematics are obviously a big let down. As the Jimpression video said, it stands in the shadow of its predecessor but by no means is it a bad game. Its actually a very nice one and abig time sink as far I can tell. Seriously I played already 4h-5h but it feels like I barely scratched the surface.


Looks beautiful. Love the studio Ghibli stuff but was never a fan of that kind of Final Fantasy game play…

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