Nintendo Labo

I imagine this’ll get a lot of stick from certain quarters… But this looks awesome. Thinking outside the box… no pun intended. Obviously aimed at kids, but really clever idea.


I really like the concept of that. Lorelai was desperate for a Switch for Christmas but couldn’t afford one but she is saving up £100 and we will put in the rest for her. Might be something to look at :slight_smile:

I like the conecept of that, not only can you use the latter product for using the Switch BUT also teaches the kids some engineering skills. Prettz nifty!

I fucking love my Switch so far. It was a godsend for the long distance flight back and to Germany, as well as short bus trips. At home I can plug it into my projector, or just use the screen. I really like the games on it so far and can’t wait to get my hands Bayonetta 1&2, I love playing games like that on it, currently played more on it then my PC.

That actually looks kind of cool. Great idea for kids. Should be cheap as well if it is just cardboard.

51 quid including game. Not exactly cheap

Really. Fuck that then, if they asked for 20 that would sound reasonable to me. It’s fucking cardboard.

Would be incredible if they make the plans open source so everyone with a laser cutter could make them. Still, I’m probably too idealsitic. 50 bucks is pretty steep, I actually saw some of the kits going for up to 70 Dollars. Great concept but also a rip off for that price!

That’s just what I read today. Now that could be the starter pack and then other cardboard parts could be cheaper.

I read somewhere that the initial “pack” was quite pricey because it came with software and other bits… but the cardboard replacements were cheap(er).

Really need to make a cheap cardboard plotter so kids can make their own designs.