Nintendo Switch friends list sexy times


Right lets start a list so we can all be chums and race on Mario kart and not be chums after due to blue shell BULLSHIT!

Looks like the easiest way to do it is with the friend code system so letsa go!

Reno: SW-7302-4240-9346


Mine hasn’t arrived today as I’d hoped but when I pick it up tomorrow I’ll fire my addy up!


so you’re saying if i buy a switch, then sexy times?


Mine is SW-7986-6855-0284


Mine is: SW-6186-5871-3605


I’ll dig ours out tonight and post em up.

Really digging the Switch, the build quality alone being so much better than the WiiU has really impressed me.

Some of the games coming as well OMG, Deamon X Machina has me chomping for some Armoured Core shooty stompy.